Slave State Expands: U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency Is Being Developed

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The New York Federal Reserve has been developing a “wholesale” central bank digital currency (CBDC) designed to speed up transfers between banks around the world. If you think it can’t happen in the United States, you are wrong. It is happening and it will be coming soon.

We will need to decide if we want to be slaves or if we are going to be free. The ruling class is not giving up. In a white paper on the project (creation of a digital currency) named Project Cedar, the New York Fed explained that it has already completed stage one of testing and proved that international currency transactions could be done both quickly and safely through the blockchain.

All the transactions will also be controlled and the illusion of freedom is going to be gone for good.

According to new Atlantic Council research, the United States, thanks to Project Cedar, has moved into development of a central bank digital currency and joined its colleagues at the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, and the Bank of England in making the leap forward. All of these jurisdictions have different projects (some, such as the United States, are focused on wholesale, while others, such as the eurozone, are hard at work on a “retail” digital currency that could be used to buy an espresso). Many of these central banks, including the Fed, have not actually decided to issue a CBDC—for that, most of the central banks will need legislative approval. And there are major privacy and cybersecurity challenges to address before most Americans open up their phones and use the digital dollar. –Atlantic Council

It will not be too much longer before we see the rulers attempt to force the CBDC on every single slave on the planet. We only have one choice: resist. Anything less is going to be permanent and irreversible enslavement.

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