Slip of the Tongue? CDC Director Says “People Dying from Vaccine” Before Quickly Correcting Herself

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CDC Director Rochelle Walensky suffered an awkward Freudian slip during a live interview, inadvertently mentioning deaths from Covid-19 vaccines before quickly correcting herself.

The telling slip of the tongue was caught during an interview with PBS News Hour last month.

“…Our death rates are too high, here’s what we know,” Walensky teed up her next statement. “We know that people who are dying from this vacc-,” she said before shaking her head and correcting herself, “from this, uh, disease are 11-fold more likely to pass…”

Are the vast numbers of unreported deaths from the vaccines beginning to weigh on Walensky’s conscience?

As the CDC, the FDA, the Biden administration and the American media all collectively ignore deaths linked to the vaccine, other countries like the UK and Australia, meanwhile, have acknowledged some deaths were directly caused by Covid injections.

While the deaths in the US receive virtually no media coverage, a Facebook post from a local media outlet last month seeking unvaccinated death testimonies was instead flooded by users who attributed deaths of loved ones to the vaccine.

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