So when you DIE from the Covid-19 vaccine you got because they gave away free pot and cannabis in trade for it, will the CDC blame the weed?

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Nearly every death in America during the “pandemic” was blamed on Covid-19 in order to perpetuate the threat and the narrative. If you caught influenza and died from it… Covid-19. If you caught Covid-19 and died from being suffocated by a ventilator, then you died from Covid, on paper. If you committed suicide by jumping off a tall building, then tested positive for Covid, then you died from Covid, and so the story goes.

Now, millions of Americans are being conned and coerced into getting the blood-clotting China Flu jabs by being offered alcohol, donuts, lottery tickets, free seats at sporting events, and… wait for it… marijuana joints and cannabis edibles. Yet, weed used to be called the “gateway drug” by the US government and DEA, and it used to be illegal, classified as a highly dangerous, highly addictive schedule I drug, just like heroin, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, crystal ‘meth’ and barbiturates.

Now pot and cannabis are offered for free to smoke and eat while you get vaccinated with the most dangerous, deadly inoculation ever recorded in history – the Covid-19 jab. So, the question looms: If you die from the vaccine, will it forever be recorded that you died from the joint and the cannabis edibles instead, since it’s “so dangerous” to engage in that “schedule I” drug?

“Joints for Jabs” and “Snaxx for Vaxx” a plot to lure stoned Americans into getting a deadly vaccine that will never be blamed for tragedies

Most potheads wouldn’t jab a needle in their arm if you paid them. Pot is not a “gateway drug” and it never was. Yet, plenty of potheads like to trade stuff for weed, or barter goods and/or services for it. That’s where the CDC and insidious vaccine-promoting companies in Washington state come into play.

With less than .04 chance of dying from Covid-19, and about 0.0 chance of healthy youngsters dying from it, the evil chemical medicine pushers must use cunning tactics to get these young adults to get the deadly jabs, and free weed is the “perfect medicine” for the con. “Get high and die” should be the slogan for this sinister plan, since the China Flu vaccines are proving deadly, as millions of people around the world are suffering (or dead) from blood clots in the brain, lungs and vital organs, caused by mRNA-protein-prion-producing inoculations.

It’s all about shifting the blame away from vaccines for all these deaths and critical injuries caused by blood clots

Vaccines contain dangerous contaminants, including tissues from human abortions, viruses from other animals, mercury, and now they carry mRNA gene-instructing toxins that instruct the human body to uncontrollably create protein prions that clog blood flow to vital organs, including the brain and lungs. When your blood pressure skyrockets because of these clots and clogs, the heart gets overworked and becomes inflamed.

If a person dies from a heart attack, stroke or neurological malfunctions, it will be rather easy for doctors to blame drugs, even marijuana and cannabis, since they’ve been labeled schedule I drugs for decades (even though they’re not dangerous at all).

Nobody has ever died from a marijuana or cannabis overdose. Still, the medical industrial complex in the USA controls the media, and the narrative always shifts the death and injury blame away from vaccines. Don’t subject yourself to Vax-Clot Disorder just to get a little free weed. It’s not worth it.

We are in the middle of a massive campaign to shift the blame of this pandemic away from communist China (CCP), and away from the deadly vaccines, so that the insidious Biden Regime and the CCP can inject as many Americans as possible with the death jabs.

Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab and are experiencing side effects, blood clots, adverse events, blindness, deafness or dementia (then have your loved ones help you). Now tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation. Plus, learn how to best prepare for the upcoming vaccine-induced wipeout.

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