Someone (China?) is interfering with GPS signals around Fort Hood, Texas

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Mysterious troubles in the Lone Star State are forcing airports to re-route aircraft due to unreliable GPS signals that are no longer functioning correctly.

We are told that GPS “interference” first started occurring around the Dallas – Fort Worth Metropolitan area of North Texas, and have since moved east, as well as to regions west of Waco.

One of the worst-hit areas for GPS interference is an area abutting Fort Hood, America’s third-largest military base. (Related: Fort Hood has had a lot of strange activity occur there over the years.)

“Can’t wait until someone figures out the source,” wrote someone on Twitter in the hope that the culprit will soon be identified.

The following map shows the GPS interference hot spots:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported “significant GPS interference” by pilots in the Dallas area, causing aircraft to be “rerouted onto non-RNAV arrivals,” according to the ADS-B Exchange.

Bloomberg further reported that a “runway at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has been closed after aviation authorities said GPS signals there aren’t reliable.”

Is communist China behind GPS jamming in Texas?

The FAA says an investigation is currently underway throughout the Dallas metro area to identify the “possible jamming of the global-positioning system” by unknown actors.

Some say perhaps communist China is behind the jamming while others are simply unsure who might be doing this and at this particular point and time, especially as the situation between Russia and Ukraine-NATO continues to escalate.

So far, the FAA says it has found “no evidence of intentional interference,” suggesting that this is just some strange anomaly with no explanation.

In the comment section, many spouted off all sorts of hypotheses, including the notion that perhaps the activation of 5G signal towers could be the culprit that the FAA refuses to acknowledge.

“It’s the 5G signal,” one person wrote. “The FAA and airlines have been fighting the FCC over this for a couple of years now. That signal is also screwing with the NOAA downlink telemetry from the GOES satellites.”

Another speculated that if, in fact, Russia is responsible for the GPS interference and “is able to spoof GPS on the United States territory,” then “Minutemen ICBMS are over” and “MAD is done.”

“The GLONASS system is also used,” suggested another (feel free to look up these complicated terms if you are unfamiliar with what is being spoken about here). “Launch trajectories are not affected. This is probably a U.S. development test for defensive use.”

Others speculated that if 5G is involved with this GPS jamming, then we will soon find out even more of the effects of this on people who got the “clot shot,” this referring to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

“Time to activate the clot shot that was forced on a lot of people,” one person wrote.

“5G frequencies are military bandwidths [toxic to biologic lifeforms] and can be amplified at a scalar level for regional effects,” wrote another. “Paging DARPA.”

The fact that it is unclear if America or an “enemy” is responsible for this speaks volumes in and of itself, expressed another person.

“Sounds like something being tested to me, and you know what’s sad? Your next natural thought would be, ‘I wonder if it’s an enemy of America or our own government,’” he said.

“Then you realize it’s one and the same,” interjected another about how the American government has become an enemy of the American people, their values, their history, their rights, and their freedoms.

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