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Podcast host Stew Peters criticized a cardiologist’s strong comments against unvaccinated Americans in the Aug. 31 episode of The Stew Peters Show on Brighteon.TV. His guest Dr. Lee Merritt also derided the cardiologist’s comments, calling her remarks a sign of a “system-wide problem.” Merritt further pointed out that hospitals were intentionally discriminating and refusing to treat patients with effective cures.

Peters began his piece by introducing Dr. Courtney E. Bennett, the doctor who posted the comments against those refusing the vaccine. Bennett was a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota who held leadership roles in two of the clinic’s medical education committees. The host described Bennett as “a big deal as far as physicians go.”

He then quoted Bennett’s Facebook post that said: “I can’t believe we live in a society of self-centered people who get their medical advice from sources like YouTube or OAN [One America News] yet beg us to help them breathe using technology developed by actual science when they’re blue and gasping for air.”

The cardiologist then concluded her post by asking the “ignorant” people she referred to in her post to quit burdening hospitals and “ask help from YouTube or OAN” – alongside a hashtag flaunting her vaccinated status.

“[A] post like that certainly raises the question: Do you trust a woman like that to fairly treat other people who come under her care? Think about the disturbing message that she’s sending – ‘If you’re sick, get out. Don’t burden my hospital with your ignorance,’” Peters added.

He continued: “Actually, that’s being charitable. Her message seems to be: ‘If you make your own decisions for your own health and don’t do exactly what I say at all times, then frankly I don’t feel like treating you if you’re ill.’”

According to the National File, Bennett’s frustration stemmed from the fact that OAN viewers were skeptical about COVID-19 vaccines. The cardiologist’s message implied that these skeptics could be given poor treatment due to their beliefs, if not being refused medical care. The website reached out to the Mayo Clinic regarding Bennett’s post, but received no comment.

Dr. Lee Merritt: Early treatment is key to addressing COVID-19

Peters then turned to Dr. Lee Merritt, one of the original physicians who established America’s Frontline Doctors, for her comment on the matter. Merritt sat on the board of the Arizona Medical Association and served as the past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. “This is appalling to me, to see somebody like this … openly saying that if you don’t agree with her and do exactly as she says, you should just die,” Peters told her.

Merritt responded: “It’s really just shocking, the lack of empathy and compassion. Is she really not going to care for cardiac patients … that are smokers, or diabetics because they ate a bad diet?” The doctor added that Bennett’s comments toward unvaccinated Americans mirrored a larger issue. “Honestly, this is just one physician. [She’s] worried about people having to come in and [take] space, [get] oxygen and ventilation,” she added.

The doctor also shared an instance of how hospitals discriminated against patients instead of equally giving them necessary medical care. “One of the things that hospitals are doing right now – and they’ve been doing this through this whole mess – [is by] turning people away and [saying] ‘Oh, you’re not sick enough to come,’” Merritt revealed.

Furthermore, Merritt lamented how hospitals were not treating people with COVID-19 early enough. She said: “[We] know from all over the world – from many, many doctors and hundreds of peer-reviewed papers – that early treatment is more likely to prevent you ever needing [ventilators and oxygen]. So, they’re purposely not treating people early – and my experience is … they don’t treat your correctly.”

“Look how many people have complained about not getting ivermectin [and] not getting hydroxychloroquine when they go to the hospital,” the doctor noted. Peters pushed the issue further, asking the reason why hospitals intentionally refused to give the two drugs – based on Bennett’s Facebook post. (Related: Dr. Stella Immanuel reveals the stunning truth about COVID cures and how hospitals are KILLING patients – Brighteon.TV)

“I can’t speak to motive, but I can tell you … we’re killing people in multiple ways. Not just with a vaccine that has more deaths. [We’re] getting up on double the number of deaths of all vaccines put together in 31 years with this one [COVID-19] vaccine. We’re not quite there, but we’re almost double that number of deaths,” Merritt answered.

Peters cited reasons why people did not want to get injected

Peters touched on different reasons why people refused the COVID-19 vaccine. First, he acknowledged people who experienced severe reactions to other vaccines and the reports of adverse effects stemming from the COVID-19 shot. Second, he mentioned that pregnant women were wary of the COVID-19 jab as it did not undergo extensive clinical trials on expectant mothers.

Third, Peters mentioned a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, which concluded the Comirnaty vaccine by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech “was associated with an excess risk of myocarditis” or heart muscle inflammation. Fourth, he also noted the “frightening” findings of independent scientists about the contents of these vaccines. (Related: Pfizer vaccine linked to heart inflammation in young men, Israeli experts conclude.)

Fifth, the podcast host also acknowledged that some people consider contracting COVID-19 more worthwhile than betting on the unknown outcomes of a vaccine that relies on messenger RNA technology. Lastly, Peters said many people no longer trusted health authorities due to their inconsistencies and lies regarding COVID-19.

Peters remarked: “Individual people are supposed to be allowed to make choices about their health. [When they make the choice to go to a hospital for treatment, they deserve to have doctors that will try to treat them … [instead of those] who will say they deserve to die because of choices that they make.”

He continued: “[When] you have people like this Dr. Bennett openly saying that sick people should buzz off and die, is it any surprise that so many Americans have grown distrustful of the medical establishment over the past year?” has more articles about Dr. Courtney Bennett and other physicians discriminating against unvaccinated people.

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