Stew Peters banned by iHeartRadio and Spotify – catch his show on Brighteon.TV where the truth will never be censored

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With no explanation as to why, conservative radio host Stew Peters has just been banned from iHeartRadio. And this silencing occurred just a few months after Spotify did the exact same thing to him last fall, also with no explanation.

Peters’ popular “The Stew Peters Show” features hard-hitting topics such as Covid-19, election integrity and vaccine mandates, so it makes sense. All of these are sensitive subjects that Big Tech has repeatedly indicated are not to be discussed by anyone unless they support the official narrative.

Immediately following this surprise ban from yet another Big Tech platform, Peters spoke out against both iHeartRadio and Spotify for openly and unashamedly silencing his voice and the truth he speaks.

“iHeartRadio and Spotify have now shown the world, without shame, that they are the propaganda arm of the communist, globalist genocidal machine, hellbent on the destruction of freedom, Christianity and truth,” he said.

“Removing ‘The Stew Peters Show’ is a slap in the face of liberty-loving people around the globe, and a disgusting, shameful display of cowardice.”

On the flip side, it is highly unlikely, Peters says, that either of these two platforms will be silencing or removing any of the “propagandist lies and paid advertising from big pharmaceutical companies responsible for the real deaths of millions of people.”

This, Peter went on to state, serves as “indisputable proof” that both iHeartRadio and Spotify are “willing to accept blood money in exchange for the killing of your fellow global citizens, neighbors, friends, loved ones and family.”


“It’s a total disgrace,” he says.

Catch “The Stew Peters Show” every day M-F from 8-9 p.m. at Brighteon.TV

Back in August, Peters was also permanently banned from Twitter shortly after he reported on the alleged deaths of two children among 24,000 children in Australia who were reportedly herded into a large sports stadium and forcibly vaccinated.

This vaccine push on children, and others like it, just goes to show the dangerous times in which we live, Peters warned. And that danger is amplified by the fact that the masses seem to just be tolerating all this tyranny rather than fighting back. (Related: Donald Trump also failed to fight back against truth suppression while he had the chance, which is why he, too, was deplatformed.)

Prior to his ban, Peters also tweeted about how the Biden regime, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and the World Health Organization (WHO) do not mandate vaccines.

“I suspect it was prompted by this truth, which had over 10,000 retweets in 12 hours,” Peters told National File, believing this tweet to have also contributed to his Twitter ban.

The good news is that Peters is still present on Telegram, as well as the free speech platform Gab. He is also now featured at Brighteon.TV, where you can catch his show every day Monday through Friday from 8 to 9 p.m.

“Brighteon.TV welcomes Stew Peters and other courageous voices who are taking a stand for truth, freedom and humanity,” said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and founder of Brighteon.TV.

We are all excited to welcome Stew Peters to Brighteon.TV and look forward to the exciting content he has to share. In case you miss any of his live episodes, they are always available in the Brighteon.TV archive at

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