Supreme Court sides with continued mask tyranny on airplanes

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After being filed with Justice Neil Gorsuch, who handles emergency applications that arise in several western states, an urgent application to put a stay on the Biden regime’s federal mask mandate for air travel has been shot down by the Supreme Court.

With no comment or noted dissent, the justices simply denied the request, which means that air travelers will be required to continue blocking their breathing passages with cloth or plastic in order to fly.

Michael Seklecki had filed the application on behalf of his four-year-old son who has autism. The boy is medically unable to wear a mask, but thanks to Joe Biden, there is no longer any exemption available for him to travel by plane.

Biden’s discriminatory policy was imposed in January 2021 by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) head David Pekoske. Biden reportedly ordered Pekoske to make the change.

The Sekleckis of Florida were joined by Lucas Walls of Washington, who is also autistic and medically unable to wear a mask – meaning he, too, is no longer able to fly thanks to Biden.

“Being denied the right to fly because we can’t wear masks jeopardizes my son’s life as it’s not practical for us to make the lengthy drive to and from Boston every time he has a medical appointment,” Seklecki said in a sworn declaration.

“Should TSA be allowed to continue to mandate masks, my son could miss critical medical care, which could be fatal. My family and I would suffer enormous irreparable harm.”

The Supreme Court is compromised just like every other American institution

In Wall’s case, he suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder that when he wears a mask for even just a few minutes causes him to start hyperventilating uncontrollably.


“Given that the Supreme Court just last week blocked OSHA’s mandate that all companies with 100-plus workers must ensure their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or endure forced masking in the workplace, it’s bewildering why the justices have declined to take similar action to stop a transportation security agency from overstepping its legal authority by regulating health matters,” Wall said.

“It’s terribly frustrating the justices have refused to block TSA’s illegal mask mandate given the negative impact it has on millions of Americans with medical conditions who can’t wear face masks including the 4-year-old autistic boy who is my co-petitioner. The court’s decision today does not align with its holding last week that federal agencies may not order pandemic mandates that Congress has not authorized.”

Both Wall and Seklecki together submitted an amended application for a stay to Gorsuch just a few weeks after Chief Justice John Roberts, a George W. Bush nominee, rejected their first one.

Neither rejection was explained by the nation’s top court, which appears to be highly compromised when it comes to going along with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic narrative.

What should be a neutral, justice-seeking body would seem to be pushing the exact same fascist agenda as leftist politicians.

The TSA’s mask mandate for air travel, which also applies to some buses and railroads, is set to last through March 18, 2022.

When the mandate was first imposed by the Biden regime, Americans were promised that it would help to stop the spread and “encourage a unified government response.” The outcome so far has been more cases, more disease and more deaths.

In its decision, the Supreme Court did not grant any requests for review. It also rejected writs of certiorari in dozens of other related cases, including a case filed against American Airlines, a case against Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough, and another against Google.

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