Surgeon General Suggests Censoring Joe Rogan to Limit ‘Spread of Misinformation’

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The US Surgeon General suggested Spotify and other social media platforms censor podcast host Joe Rogan, claiming he’s spreading medical misinformation that “could cost people their lives.”

Asked Tuesday about Neil Young’s contention with Spotify due to its partnership with Rogan, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy told Morning Joe that a “Critical part of how we get through this pandemic” is by “limiting the spread of misinformation” on social media.

“Dr. Murthy, what do you think are the best ways to push back on misinformation about COVID that continues to be aggressively pushed, whether it be Joe Rogan’s podcast, or all over Facebook?” host Mika Brzezinski asked.

“Well, Mika, it’s such an important question,” Murthy responded, “because we can have the best science available, we can have the best public health, we can have the best public health expertise available, but it won’t help people if they don’t have access to accurate information.”

“Now, something I’ve always believed as a doctor is that people have the right to make their own decisions,” he said.

However, “they also have the right to have accurate information to make that decision with.”

Murthy went on to blame social media companies for failing to effectively suppress free speech.

“These platforms still have not stepped up to do the right thing, and do enough, I should say, to reduce the spread of misinformation.”

The surgeon general re-appointed by Joe Biden went on to caution social media users “to make sure that we are thoughtful in what we are sharing,” and claimed spreading misinformation kills people.

“This is not just about entertainment. It’s not just about garnering clicks. This is about people’s lives,” he said.

“We have seen time and time again, that misinformation costs people their lives,” the surgeon general claimed.

Murthy emphasized being “careful about what we say” and “to use the power that we have to limit the spread of that misinformation.”

Rogan has come under fire recently for providing a platform to medical experts who speak out against the mainstream Covid narrative, such as early Covid treatment proponent Dr. Peter McCullough and mRNA technology inventor Dr. Robert Malone.

Meanwhile, UFC boss Dana White last week came to the defense of Rogan, who doubles as a UFC announcer, slamming efforts to have Big Tech censor him.

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