Take a walk down “sellout” lane and find out which “Conservative” think tanks and magazines sold their souls (for cash) to the devil (Google)

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This article comes from “afinalwarning.com”

Remember when the POTUS election was finally “officially” stolen by Biden and Fox News and Breitbart didn’t utter a single word about fake mail-in ballots or rigged Dominion voting machines? So-called conservative think tanks, websites and magazines just bowed out and happily sank with the “Titanic” (all hope of maintaining our Republic).

Well it turns out that a leaked audio tape reveals a top Google executive bragging about how Google donated large swaths of cash to conservative think tanks (think National Review) and “conservative” magazines to snuff out all the coverage of Google’s anti-conservative bias. In other words, popular magazines and think tanks (for and against Trump and Conservatives) accepted cash from evil Google to suppress any and all stories that exposed Google’s bias against Conservatives & Trump supporters.

The original Google motto was “Don’t Be Evil”

Evil is as evil does, and Google is plain evil. They are paying off reporters, officials and even Conservative think tanks to allow Google to fix elections, support child trafficking, promote cancer-causing pesticides and push deadly, blood-clotting Covid vaccines. Millions of Americans, before, during and after the POTUS election tuned into their usual Conservative news outlets to find out how Sleepy Joe got more votes than any President ever, even though he’s suffering dementia and nobody likes him. Yet, there was a complete blackout of any coverage by the biggest Conservative news outlets and flagship magazines of the election being rigged by the Left. Why?

Were they scared to cover it? Did they not realize it? Actually, they sold out for cash. Cold, crisp, newly-printed cash. And guess who funded that shilling buyout? Google, who’s new motto is “Be Evil.”

For most people who don’t believe in God or bad karma, the right amount of money will get them to say or do literally anything, without any ethics or truth involved. Well, Google’s net worth is approaching $17 billion — enough to buy any of those folks’ “loyalty,” even if it means supporting an evil regime they once trashed. That’s why millions of Trump supporters couldn’t understand the news after the election, or the news today, for not revealing to all Americans a rigged election and rigged vaccines for the plandemic. Google’s pockets run deep like the Grand Canyon. The Left bought off the Right’s leading conservative think tanks and intellectuals.

Top mouthpieces at AEI, CEI and the National Review took Google cash to bury stories about Google’s bias towards everything conservative

Several organizations across America bowed down to and kowtowed to the Chinese Communist Party’s plan to bring their extreme censorship to America. All of social media, Google and YouTube (Big Tech) not only controlled 95 percent of the “narrative” about the election, the pandemic and dirty vaccines, but they literally bought out the most popular conservative voices in the game, and now they all but admit it, some even on tape and on paper.

Guilty of accepting Google cash to bury conservative viewpoints and Google’s bias are: American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the Cato Institute, CPAC, the Weekly Standard and the National Review. If you remember, AEI was one of the big organizations that took money from Monsanto to cover up their crimes of promoting glyphosate and GMO-everything as safe and healthy. Talk about repeat offenders.

Just to top off Google’s evil reign of terror, Wired magazine ran a bombshell of a story about the same leaked Google audio recording, revealing how Google executives tried to stop (or at least delay and water down) US policy and legislation inhibiting sex trafficking on their platforms. Google also tried to shield internet companies from liability. This Big Tech Exec recording is where AEI, CEI and National Review were named. Why is Google trying to block sex trafficking legislation?

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