Teachers’ union rep nearly PASSES OUT from wearing a mask while demanding everyone wear more masks

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A recent meeting of the Idaho Falls District 91 School Board of Trustees made headlines after trustee Elizabeth Cogliati, a pro-mask zealot, nearly passed out while speaking due to oxygen deprivation from wearing her mask.

While shouting about how she believes mandatory mask-wearing will protect public school children from spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Cogliati was heard gasping for breath as she desperately tried to respirate through at least two layers of fabric and plastic.

“They make recommendations for the en … tire country based on their … knowledge … and their understanding of what is best for everyone,” Cogliati screamed through her Chinese face covering, referring to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“And they don’t need to visit our school district to make recommendations … for everyone … and … they … currently have … recommendations out that with the current level … of transmission … in Bonneville County … that we should be in hy … brid … for the elementary schools … and virtual … for … middle schools and high schools,” Cogliati added, struggling to say nearly every word as she nearly hyperventilated.

Fellow Trustee Paul Haacke tried to reason with Cogliati, presenting facts rather than emotion, which prompted her to become even more irate while struggling to breathe and speak.

“You interrupted me, Paul!” Cogliati screamed like a madwoman. “You interrupted me! Please do not interrupt me!”

Haacke relented to Cogliati’s insanity and told her to “go ahead,” upon which she started spewing more nonsense about the CDC and the “benefits” of young children wearing a mask.

“So you want to pick and choose,” Haacke then asked Cogliati, observing that she was cherry-picking data to push her pro-mask narrative.

“Yes, I do!” Cogliati screamed back at him. “Yes, I do want to pick and choose!”

You can watch the video for yourself below:

Masks don’t work and make wearers crazy

The bizarre incident, which occurred in southern Idaho, ultimately led to the board voting to keep the mask mandate in place. Haacke, one of the only men in the room, was the sole voice of reason who voted against masks and in favor of children’s right to breathe.

What this means is that children who attend public school in Bonneville County, Idaho, will continue to be muzzled and forced to suffer the same oxygen deprivation as Cogliati, who like several of the other women in the room would seem to have some sort of creepy mask fetish.

The same CDC that Cogliati cited in defense of her mask fetish recently admitted that masks do not actually work after all. Cogliati must have missed the memo, which is why she is desperately clinging to outdated and debunked junk science.

Cogliati is now the laughingstock of the internet, and rightfully so. Her emotional hysterics could go down in the history books as proof that wearing a mask makes a person deranged, depriving her brain of the oxygen it needs to think properly and use reason and logic, rather than emotionalism and insanity, to form policy.

“It makes me short of breath just listening to her,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Unbelievable!” wrote another. “She can hardly breathe but she thinks it’s a good idea for kids to sit in masks all day!”

Many others offered similar commentary, pointing out that public school teachers seem to be more unhinged than ever before thanks to the endless fearmongering about the Chinese virus.

“Wearing a mask will reduce your oxygen intake by 20%, so that means 20% less oxygen in your blood,” another explained. “So that means brain damage.”

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