Texas Restaurants Back Down After Government Informs Them Vaccine Requirements Are Illegal

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The state of Texas put businesses on notice Thursday, reminding them that asking for proof of a Covid vaccination is illegal in the state.

After multiple Austin, Texas restaurants and other businesses announced they’d be requiring customers to prove they’ve been vaccinated, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) contacted the companies.

Two Austin restaurants, Launderette and Fresa’s, went to social media earlier this week in now-deleted posts to inform followers of the vaccine requirement.

“Austin is at Stage 5 and it just feels right for the safety of our employees and guests to do this,” owners told the Austin American-Statesman on Tuesday.

The restaurants were making indoor diners show a vaccination card and a photo ID.

So, the left doesn’t think people need to show identification to vote in our elections but they must provide ID in order to be able to eat at a restaurant?

Outdoor diners were not forced to show proof of vaccination and had to wear a mask when going inside to use the restrooms.

The policies also discriminated against children ages 11 and younger, making them eat outside since they aren’t eligible for a vaccine.

The hypocritical restaurant owners were not requiring their staff to be fully vaccinated but did require non-vaccinated staffers to test negative weekly and wear masks.

According to the TABC, managers at the restaurants “weren’t aware of the full requirements of the law and immediately took steps to comply.”

After the agency threatened to strip the businesses of their liquor licenses, they agreed to comply and released new social media posts announcing the change of policy.

Launderette posted to Instagram on Thursday, writing, “Effective immediately we will no longer be requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining. Yesterday we received word from TABC that we are not allowed by law (Section 14 of the new Senate Bill 968 introduced in June) to ask for proof of vaccination when dining.”

“We will still require guests to wear a mask indoors when not seated at a table,” the post continued. “Masks will not be required for outdoor dining.”

The bill referred to in the post clearly states, “A business in this state may not require a customer to provide any documentation certifying the customer’s COVID-19 vaccination or post-transmission recovery on entry to, to gain access to, or to receive service from the business.”

In a statement posted by the TABC on Thursday, the agency informed Texans, “TABC wants to remind businesses in Texas that state law now prohibits businesses from requiring customers to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. TABC may require compliance with this law as a condition of holding a license, permit, certificate, or other authorization.”

“While the agency has not taken formal action against any businesses to date, TABC has requested to meet with representatives of businesses where potential noncompliance could be taking place,” the statement continued. “Our goal is to educate and inform, rather than penalize, these businesses.”

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