Texas Supreme Court just ruled that mask mandates are ILLEGAL statewide

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Mask mandates have been ruled illegal in Texas, but that is not stopping some defiant public school districts from mandating them anyway.

Bexar County (San Antonio) and Dallas County are both forcing schoolchildren to cover their nose and mouth with Chinese plastic in order to “flatten the curve” of the “Delta” variant, which is reportedly spreading in Texas and other “red” states.

While the Texas Supreme Court sided with Gov. Greg Abbott in ruling that mask mandates are not allowed in the Lone Star State, San Antonio and Dallas are going to force them regardless.

“I’m obviously very disappointed in it,” lamented Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff about the court ruling. “It’s not surprising because they’re all Republicans and they’ve got to run in the Republican primary.”

“But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to keep up the battle to protect the schoolchildren of Texas,” Wolff added in what sounds like a threat.

Bexar and Dallas Counties both sued Abbott over his executive order prohibiting mask mandates in the state. Both suits won in lower courts and on appeal, but were denied by the state’s Supreme Court.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton brought the case to the Supreme Court, resulting in a significant win for Abbott.

“State constitutional scholar Charles ‘Rocky’ Rhodes said the court would not be deciding whether the mask mandate ban is good policy, but on whether the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 gives the governor the authority to respond to a crisis across multiple counties,” reported Texas Public Radio.

Texas Supreme Court ruling may not stop Dallas, San Antonio from reinstituting “emergency” restrictions for covid

It is important to note that the Texas Supreme Court ruling does not in any way impact an upcoming hearing for both Bexar and Dallas Counties concerning their ability to return to emergency powers, which they are both trying to do.

Medical fascism could win out in both Dallas and San Antonio, in other words, as left-wing hot spots in “red” states continue their crusade to force masks and vaccines against their respective governors’ wishes.

“The City of San Antonio and Bexar County’s response to the Texas Supreme Court continues to emphasize that the Governor cannot use his emergency powers to suspend laws that provide local entities the needed flexibility to act in an emergency,” proclaimed San Antonio City Attorney Andy Segovia.

“His suspension authority is meant to facilitate action, not prohibit it.”

With that said, Bexar County Health Authority Dr. Junda Woo’s health directive mandating the use of masks in public schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade will remain in effect.

Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa also said that he will be keeping his school district’s mask mandate in place, specifying that the Texas Supreme Court ruling only applies to counties and not specifically to school districts.

“We’re going to continue with our mask mandate to keep students safe, to keep parents safe, to keep families safe and most importantly our teachers, who are on the front lines,” Hinojosa is quoted as saying in an announcement.

In the event that the court rules otherwise, Hinojosa says that he will comply. Until then, however, Chinese face masks will be the norm at Dallas ISD schools because the left-wing hotspot feels compelled to differentiate itself from rural, conservative Texas, which is largely mask-free.

“If they make drug injections mandatory, then people should adopt the BLM / Antifa attire and tactics of fighting back,” wrote a Natural News commenter about how to deal with this encroaching medical fascism.

“False flag events can go both ways.”

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