The Armed IRS Training Video You Have to See to Believe

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Watch this video taken from some training footage of IRS CID trainees doing a mock entrance. Watch and see what types of people they are training. The trainees look like they are enjoying this “power tripping” so much. They do not even realize that they are mindless order followers that are being utilized to enforce tyranny on the American people. Below the video, take a look at some individual photos taken from this training session. Do these people look like they should have the power to use lethal force on anyone, especially on the grounds of “taxation without representation”?

Dear future IRS CID officers: What Do You See When You Look Into The Mirror?

(Update: It has been determined that the video below was from 2017 at Stockton University. It seems that colleges are teaching this.)

Look at how she is holding the grip of the pistol.
She “twirls” her hair while training…. The jeans and the boots….
Obviously they do not have to pass a physical agility test to qualify.
Nothing against the handicapped, but honestly how is he going to pursue a suspect?
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