The CDC has been working WITH the CCP since the beginning of the covid-19 scandal

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In the beginning of the covid-19 scandal, before the lockdowns ever took hold, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was already partnering with the Confucius Institute, a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party. In February of 2020, the Principal Deputy Director for the CDC, Anne Schuchat, publicly announced that the Confucius Institute would be an “asset” for the American covid-19 response. During the briefing, Schuchat praised the CCP propaganda arm for getting directly involved with the CDC’s messaging and community outreach. “The language and cultural competence of an organization like yours (the Confucius Institute) can be an asset to this type of response,” Schuchat asserted in the briefing.

FBI and DOJ linked the Confucius Institute to Chinese state propaganda, undisclosed ties to the CCP

The Confucius Institute has been invited into the United States because they promise to ‘break down language and culture barriers’. The Institute has set up operations on college campuses around the United States and is considered an “education center.” Suspiciously, the Institute was quick to collaborate with the CDC to help guide the messaging on America’s totalitarian response to covid-19.

According to investigations led by the FBI and Department of Justice, the Confucius institute is disguised as a humanitarian nonprofit. The institute pretends to be a language and cultural initiative, but it’s mired in “undisclosed ties to Chinese institutions, conflicts of interest, and deeply-held loyalties to the CCP. The Institute is linked to Chinese state propaganda and intellectual property theft as well. Chinese government officials have even proclaimed the Institute as “an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.” Just one week after the CDC partnered with the Confucius Institute, their Chinese headquarters issued a series of press releases that praised the CCP’s “comprehensive” approach which “creates miracles with Chinese speed.” The Trump Administration designated the Confucius Institute U.S. Center as a foreign mission of the Chinese Communist Party.

This infiltration of the CCP into American institutions helps explain why the US CDC has led an oppressive and tyrannical response to the covid-19 scandal and is unable to adopt a public health strategy that helps people overcome potential infections. This CCP infiltration into the CDC helps explain why Americans are being lied to about virus transmission (asymptomatic cases do not transmit infectious virus). Yet, the CDC continues to teach healthy people to isolate, separate and give up basic human rights.

CCP’s influence over the CDC is apparent, with totalitarianism and propaganda at the forefront of their response

By infiltrating and controlling the messaging surrounding the covid-19 scandal, the Confucius Institute has also blinded and misled American regulatory agencies on the origin of the bio-weapon, weakening America’s defenses.

The Confucius Institute continues to put China on a pedestal, teaching US authorities to look up to China’s totalitarian, communist approach, while ignoring the role China has played in destroying human rights around the globe and covering up the gain-of-function properties of the bio-weapon strain. “After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese side has, in the spirit of being responsible for people’s health and for global public health, taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures,” the Confucius Institute proclaimed. They also praised China for being honest about the origins of the outbreaks and for sharing “information of the epidemic and the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus with the relevant parties in a timely, transparent, open and effective manner.”

The Institute writes that China’s “timely, transparent, open and effective” response has been praised by several international bodies and leaders. “The measures taken by the Chinese side have effectively prevented the spread of the epidemic worldwide, which has been fully recognized and highly valued by the World Health Organization and many countries.” The U.S. CDC is blinded by the CCP’s influence, controlled by their propaganda, and being used to facilitate totalitarianism and medical fascism. The CDC is oblivious to the enemy they face and the monster they have become.

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