The CIA Murdered The 1st Amendment

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Governments have always had a twitchy trigger finger when it comes to wielding the shiny weapon of mass psyops.

Now in 2024, the ragged media landscape, weaponized to the hilt, actively serves the public a steady diet of omission. Vomiting out the preordained tenets of a full blown Neo Marxist color Revolution.

And as Rome burns. Old Yeller fiddles. Every time the Biden’s check in on how far the ball has moved on the investigation of their corruption. Catherine Herridge was there, detailing their grifting treason in great length. She was simply too damn good at her job.

Her firing reveals that America is experiencing historic communist level censorship. According to Jonathan Turley, The network reportedly seized all of her belongings including files, computers and most importantly, information on privileged sources.

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