The entire legal system is being hijacked by left-wing totalitarians

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There was a time when America’s legal system was adversarial, meaning both sides of a dispute could be represented vigorously by attorneys with a vested interest in winning the case – but no longer.

The politicization and tribalism of “higher education,” which is where students go to become lawyers, has turned the profession away from the American constitutional order and into an echo chamber of left-wing politics.

As Aaron Sibarium puts it on the Common Sense substack, “the politicization and tribalism of campus life have crowded out old-fashioned expectations about justice and neutrality.”

“The imperatives of race, gender and identity are more important to more and more law students than due process, the presumption of innocence, and all the norms and values at the foundation of what we think of as the rule of law,” he adds.

While there have always been critics of these values and norms, the absorption of the entire legal profession into a one-sided, left-wing political paradigm is something new.

Now, we have far-left, anti-white doctrines like “critical race theory” (CRT) flooding their way into the justice system via academia. The extremism that was once confined to college campuses is now becoming mainstream in the legal profession.

Critical race theory, by the way, is a ruling-class ideology, not a working-class one.

Since 2011, law firms have been pressured to drop clients from the fossil fuel industry and right-wing politics

Many of the nation’s top law schools are now prioritizing candidates based on skin color rather than qualifications, as one example of how the legal system is being changed for the worst.


Instead of training lawyers to become unbiased arbiters of justice, left-wing dens of iniquity such as Yale University are churning out white-hating extremists who want to do away with the prison system and give “reparations” to everyone except light-skinned people.

This is left-wing activism, not justice. This is a dark and evil agenda that seeks to impose systemic racism against whites, and has nothing to do with properly handling legal issues based on a constitutional framework.

Since many law firms boast corporations as their largest clients, there is added pressure to conform to the agenda in order to retain them. After all, corporate America is just about as bad now as academic America.

“I knew of and heard of clients protesting cases we were taking,” one lawyer is quoted as saying about how American corporations have become more stridently ideological in recent years.

“If you were going to do a gun rights case, you would incur the wrath of other clients.”

According to Sibarium, law firms have been getting pressured for at least the past decade to stop representing clients from certain blacklisted industries and persuasions. These include fossil fuel companies, foreign universities, a GOP-controlled House of Representatives, all employers who challenged Joe Biden’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” mandate, and of course Donald Trump and his family.

“These pressures – both internal and external – have had a chilling effect,” Sibarium writes. “If defending anti-vaxxers can cost you business, law firms reason, imagine the blowback of defending a transphobe or a racist.”

As for religious liberty cases, those are “totally off the table” now, according to another lawyer based out of Washington, D.C., who said that “it doesn’t even occur to people to take controversial cases” anymore.

“I wouldn’t even think to bring it up,” he added.

Another lawyer who specializes in First Amendment litigation says he was forced to turn away a client with far-right views because the firm he works for thought the case would be “bad for business.”

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