The Infowars Photobomb Challenge Has Begun!

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An Infowarrior answered Alex Jones’ call to warn the public about the poison Covid “vaccines” by photobombing live mainstream media broadcasts.

As Local 10 News WPLG reporter Andrew Perez was in the middle of a live transmission, the Infowars listener stepped in front of the camera and told viewers, “The Covid-19 shot is for population control.!”

After interrupting the report, one of the mainstream media crewmembers shoved the demonstrator and threatened to beat him up.

As Infowars announced last week, with vaccine mandates grow increasingly tyrannical, we are issuing a new challenge calling on people to photobomb corrupt mainstream media fake news broadcasts in order to wake the public.

“But what should the sayings be?” Jones pondered during a recent broadcast, going on to recommend slogans like, “‘Fauci created the virus – Infowars dot com,’ or ‘The vaccine gives you cancer – Infowars dot com,’ or ‘The vaccine gives you heart attacks – Infowars dot com.’”

“‘Whatever it is – Infowars dot com’ – $5,000 bounty,” Jones instructed.

The rules are simple:

  1. Get on live national, or international live TV, legally and lawfully, with a quick COVID tyranny wake-up slogan of your choice and say “Infowars dot com.”
  2. Send the entry to us via, or

Jones has set a cap of $300,000 in prize giveaways, giving 60 lucky photo-bombers a chance to get $5,000 each.

The contest was inspired by an unknown Australian bystander who shouted at reporters for lying about the pandemic, telling them to “Stop lying to the world.”

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