The MASSIVE Social Distancing Mistake

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Like no other time in history has our health been more affected and put in harm’s way by corrupt politicians than right now. The Biden regime wants every American sick, broke and brainwashed, and they’re pulling out all the stops to get the ‘job’ done. The fact is that social distancing was never based on science, only Marxist strategies to keep Americans from figuring out the pandemic was massively overblown with propaganda and harmful ‘restrictions.’

From measles to swine flu, and Zika virus to Covid-19, the hypochondriac fear-mongering is the same, but now, we all must stay exactly 6 feet away from our ‘infected’ leper friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors in order to be ‘safe.’ Sure.

Will a newborn baby’s head shrink if the pregnant mother gets Covid? How many Americans fell for the Zika hoax? The US government and CDC wasted $1 billion fighting off the ‘shrunken baby head’ virus hoax (it was all caused by pesticides in the water supply). That’s taxpayer money folks.

Now the CDC is pretending that every American (including healthy people who take supplements and don’t eat canola oil) will die if they catch Covid-19, and that’s why everyone must get the dirty mRNA vaccine series. Time to wipe out the elderly, the cancer and diabetes-stricken, and babies in the womb, using vaccines. Can you say ‘spontaneous abortion after vax” without coughing into your useless Covid mask? After all, genetic cleansing is always for the ‘greater good,’ like Hitler said (and Bill ‘Adolf’ Gates says now).

Yes, Bill Gates is on the record saying that if we do a “really good job” with vaccines we can reduce the world’s population by a few billion. How’s that Bill? Still want the mRNA jabs? Just say no.

Social distancing tactic turns out to be disastrous for health and economy

Mr. Science Fauci never relies on science for any advice he gives about mitigating Covid-19. In fact, Fauci is anti-science, as he mainly goes against all the science that reveals social distancing, quarantining the healthy, mass vaccination programs, and all this mask-wearing is doing much more harm than good. Period.

The CDC used to be all about herd immunity, saying that if all the vaccinated people, including children and infants, hang out together and ostracize the unvaccinated, there will be safety in numbers. Now you don’t hear a peep about it, because the Marxist strategy doesn’t allow for humans to collaborate, think in groups, or have any personality.

That’s why social distancing is a key strategy for turning America into a communist hell-hole, and the Blue States are NOT letting up anytime soon with social distancing ‘guidelines’ (fake laws you get arrested for breaking). Small and medium-sized businesses are collapsing by the day.

Turns out social distancing is worsening the pandemic, as children, teens and adults are not getting the normal, natural antibodies built up from exposure to bad bacteria. Instead, every student in every school is instructed to lather up with anti-bacterial triclosan every 15 minutes, while masked up and barricaded by plastic partitions and hazmat bubbles.

Today, if you’re pro-science then you are considered “anti-science” because you dispel the fraud

Today, if you’re pro-science, then mainstream media considers you ‘anti-science’ because you expose all the fraud that mainstream medicine always purports as “100% safe and effective.” Social distancing and mask wearing are ‘useless political theater’ according to Senator Rand Paul. That’s why today, if you’re pro-science then you are considered “anti-science” because you dispel the fraud being committed by the CDC, WHO, Fauci, Gates and the entire Biden Regime.

Science reveals vaccines are dangerous and cause horrific side-effects, many of which are life-long debilitating effects, like paralysis and autism. Now, the Covid-19 vaccine series of mRNA jabs literally make the human body MORE susceptible to cancer tumors and morphed versions of Covid already detected in the UK. How long do you think it will be before all these weakened Americans catch the next round of deadly, advanced Covid strains, all because these sheeple are all getting vaccinated while masked-up and social distancing?

Science denial is at an all-time high, while Blue State lib-tards mask up while alone in their cars and social distance themselves into a virus attack. The hypocrisy coming from the top is blinding and deafening. There’s no reason whatsoever to be social distancing, as states like Florida have proven, and just think about how many elderly folks retire down there. No, Covid is not ten times deadlier than the flu, but nearly equivalent.

Just remember, the Democrats and Tech Giants all approved of BLM/Antifa riots for months where nobody cared to wear a mask or social distance, but when it comes to schools, businesses and voting, we’re all supposed to quarantine ourselves and vote from home so the Biden Marxists can keep stealing elections. By the way, Covid-19 is at the bottom of the list for world’s deadliest pandemics, killing .03% of the world’s population, if those numbers are even legitimate.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on Democrats spreading Covid on purpose to keep the country on lockdown and promote Marxism.

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