The most OUTRAGEOUS health tragedy COVER story we’ve seen yet from the Covid vaccine propaganda press

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Just when truth media readers thought the excuses could not get any worse for the vaccine industrial complex covering for the Fauci Flu jab injuries and deaths, comes the absolute worst cover story to date. Commercial airline pilots and navigators are dropping dead like flies, just after getting injected with millions of toxic spike prions for Covid, and the airline industry is running their fake news cover stories that are so far from believable, they just might convince the populace to nod their heads.

Most pilots are in top shape and must pass rigorous physical exams (for physical and mental health) regularly to stay licensed to fly, but after a Fauci Flu clot shot, the likelihood of suffering from myocarditis, pericarditis, clots, heart attacks and strokes goes WAY up. But the airline industry is obviously running cover for these sudden deaths of pilots, by citing the worst excuse for pilots dying unexpectedly and unexplainably, and that excuse is… wait for it… cosmic radiation.

Forget about cancer risk, according to the airline industry, risk of dying instantly from cosmic radiation now common among commercial pilots

Cosmic radiation from space is constantly hitting Earth, coming from the sun and other stars in a constant stream. Astronauts can get radiation sickness and are susceptible to a lifetime risk of cancer and nervous system dysfunction. US commercial pilots and flight crews are also at an increased risk of specific cancers, but more studies are needed to determine those risk factors.

Cosmic radiation has never been known to kill someone out of the blue, well, until the Covid clot shots started being injected into pilots, military members and athletes around the world. Now suddenly cosmic ionizing radiation is a serial killer, based on “questionnaire data” gathered from 51 male faculty at some university somewhere.

Commercial pilots dying suddenly mid-flight now blamed on ‘cosmic radiation’ and magnetic fields generated by the aircraft’s electrical system

The complete misclassification of pilots dying instantly midair and out of the blue from cosmic radiation can be attributed to the total cover-up of vaccine induced deaths that are now sweeping the nation and the world. In fact, according to VAERS data, Covid-19 vaccine damage in the United States may be attributed to over 7 million hospitalizations, over 1 million deaths, and over 2 million cases of myocarditis.

So, to blame these sudden deaths of pilots on cosmic radiation, or even magnetic fields generated by the aircraft’s electrical system, seems preposterous, at best. Let’s take a look at the science.

Interaction of humans with magnetic fields has been a subject of much scientific debate and analysis over the past three decades. Over twenty years ago, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) determined that low level frequency (3 Hz–3 kHz) electric and magnetic fields could be a “possible” human carcinogen, but that it certainly warrants further research. Studies of health outcomes among airline pilots and military personnel have suggested certain diseases might occur at increased rates for these groups.

While the average flight deck’s magnetic field strength is higher than that of the typical home or work environment, no research has ever suggested sudden death by cardiac arrest or stroke from these conditions.

Now we’ve heard it all. MSM fake news, the CDC and now, even the airline industry are all taking part in a massive misinformation campaign to cover up the sudden deaths of airline pilots, military members and healthy athletes, after they get the Fauci Flu jabs. Let’s stop blaming cosmic radiation, referee whistles and cold showers for the carnage caused by the Covid clot shots. The truth is out there.

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