The Sad Reality Of Instant Gratification

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I have spent many years studying human behavior. In that time, I have constantly seen how most people absolutely hate having to focus on something. This is to be expected for young people, but I see more and more adults that do not want to do anything that requires a good bit of mental discipline. I blame a lot of this on smartphones and social media. Everybody wants to get to the end a the book before they even get half way through the first chapter. When people are of this nature, they really lose out on learning what is needed to benefit from all of the information that is out there.

I have always enjoyed reading articles, books, and watching documentaries. I read, listen, and watch these things with the mindset of gaining critical information for my survival. So many of my friends and family think that I am strange for approaching things in this manner. I will tell you that I don’t have many friends for that exact reason. I would rather read articles, and research things than to be at a bar or watch idiotic sports.

We are in the situation that we are in right now because the elites have “molded” people into wanting instant gratification. The ruling class know that knowledge is power and they have been, for many years, constantly eroding the minds of people with propaganda.

I want to challenge you, if you are still reading this, to start looking at things in a deeper thought. Question things, ask “why is this being shown on mainstream news?” Take the time to read the complete article instead of “whizzing” through it. Watch informative videos all the way through and then do your own research about it. Humanity’s future depends on people gaining more knowledge about how we are being manipulated.

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