The Sheriff Mack Show: Nurse Erin Olszewski talks about hospital murders during the pandemic

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In its January 25 episode, The Sheriff Mack Show talks to Sam Bushman and Erin Olszewski, the nurse who made her claim to fame by standing up for her patients against murders in hospitals.

According to Nurse Erin, patients are being neglected in hospitals as people just give up on them, and this usually happens because family members are no longer allowed in their rooms. Family members are especially necessary as they are the ones who advocate for patients, and these patients no longer have that.

“It made me question if spending the money to go to school and the time and studying for a degree [was worth it],” she said, noting that those who don’t agree with the “rules” set by the government and the hospitals are being blacklisted, targeted and kicked out of their profession.

Nurse Erin believes this is the reason why the U.S. is still in the same exact situation it was in two years ago. “Nothing is changing, because they are just completely discrediting the truth.”

Specifically, she said that hospitals are now bringing people in like cattle. “There was a price tag for all of my patients. So it was $13,000 to admit a patient if they had COVID or were suspected to have COVID. And so everybody was a COVID [case] or a suspected COVID [case],” she shared. “And if they were [suspected cases], they would just put them on the floors [and] mix them in with [the] COVID positive. It was a complete cesspool.”

In an interview with Fox News, she elaborated that there was no reason for hospitals to stop properly isolating patients. “There were resources that were not being utilized. For instance, the Comfort ship, the Javits Center and they had Samaritan’s Purse. So, we had options that weren’t utilized,” she shared.


The government banned effective COVID treatments

Nurse Erin further stated that the government has banned effective COVID treatment protocols such as hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which they were using at a hospital she was working with while in Florida. Doctors were banned from using it and the patients’ rights to choose have been completely removed. (Related: Hospitals are DELIBERATELY killing patients with COVID-19 by refusing to give them life-saving medication – Brighteon.TV.)

She also shared that when she got to Elmhurst Hospital, which was the epicenter of the pandemic in New York, the doctors and nurses there have killed the patients that they have treated. They also had to sign gag orders and had their licenses threatened. She also said that the ventilators have been killing patients.

Leaving the hospital after five weeks, Nurse Erin said that all the patients have died by the time she left. “The treatment protocol for these patients was paralytics, sedatives…paralyze them, keep them asleep and whatever else they needed to just add on to their blood pressure medications, but there really was no treatment at all,” Nurse Erin explained. “They pretty much just waited until the patient went into multi-system organ failure and then died. It was a turnkey-style operation.” (Related: Recordings prove that hospital covid protocols are KILLING patients.)

While she still believes in good doctors and nurses, Nurse Erin said that it’s the “order-followers” in hospitals who are looking the other way that are killing the patients. “That’s the reason that we’re still here and to this day, it continues to happen regardless of the proof of murder that I had on the actual video. It was completely disregarded and not looked at. And we continue to just go down this path and we’re losing a lot of people right now, unnecessarily.”

Watch the full January 25 episode of “The Sheriff Mack Show” with Sheriff Mack and Sam Bushman, with Nurse Erin Olszewski below:

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