The tipping point has been reached: Mass civil disobedience “counteroffensive” against vaccine tyranny begins NOW… WALKOUTS on Nov 3 and Nov 8-11

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With pilots, police officers, firefighters, nurses and people in all walks of life now taking a stand and saying, “NO!” to the deadly vaccine jabs, a tipping point has been reached in America. The realization has hit home for millions that complying with the increasingly insane demands of vaccine tyrants leads only to more suffering and death.

We cannot “comply” our way to freedom… especially when those demanding our compliance are power-hungry criminals and psychopaths.

We must peacefully resist the tyranny and refuse to participate in a rigged society where all our rights — free speech, medical choice, honest elections, etc. — have all been stolen from us.

It’s time for us all to dismantle the tyranny machine and bring it to a grinding halt. That’s why walkouts have been announced against vaccine-mandating employers for November 3rd (this Wednesday) and Nov. 8 – 11.

Here’s Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., calling for the non-violent “counteroffensive” against the vaccine tyrants:

Only someone as pathetic as Joe Biden could UNIFY the Left and Right into mass rejection of a disastrous regime that seems determined to bring America to its knees

Meanwhile, all across America, people are shouting, “Let’s Go Brandon!” This meme has now taken over the majority of top song sales on iTunes, and the chant can be heard at sporting events, public protests and the occasional airline trip.

A powerful, hilarious new meme song has just been released. We don’t know who the artist is, but this is pure genius. Check out the song, “LGB!”

Americans have nothing left to lose… if we don’t resist the tyranny, we will all be destroyed and the nation will be plunged into a Venezuela-style economic collapse

It’s now abundantly clear to anyone paying attention: Complying with tyranny only gets you more tyranny. If we don’t stand up now and demand our freedoms — take them back — we will lose them forever. These include:

  • The freedom to speak (end censorship!)
  • The freedom to worship (end the forced lockdowns of churches)
  • The freedom to vote (end election machine fraud and rigging)
  • Freedom of medical choice (NO vaccine mandates!)
  • The freedom to travel (no quarantines, checkpoints)
  • The freedom to participate in society (no vaccine passports)
  • The freedom to engage in free market transactions without government interference

The vaccine coercion issue has brought all this to the surface, but this is about much more than vaccines… it’s about the very pillar of liberty and the right to exist. That’s why we strongly support first responders who are standing up against the vaccine lunacy.

The Health Ranger recorded a special message for first responders in this 12-minute podcast:

Under covid tyranny, governments have become active terrorist organizations

The governments of the world have become terrorists. Look at Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and even blue states in the USA. These are criminal cartels, run by Big Pharma, that actively seek to mass murder innocent men, women and children in the name of vaccine profits / bioweapons deployment. They seek destruction and depopulation, and their ethics are rooted in genocidal tendencies and demonic rituals.

These terrorists are having an easy time of it (so far) because too many people have complied to this point.

But that compliance is ending. We need to send a message to the terrorist governments of the world: If you try to murder us, we’re going to remind you that you are nothing without We the People. Government must answer to the people, not the other way around.

In Australia, they’re now seizing bank accounts and homes of innocent people in order to force mass compliance with their covid tyranny. This tactic is going to be rolled out across the world (if we let them) to the point where unvaccinated people will be starved to death and evicted from their own homes, all while Biden and the other globalist lunatics claim to be working “for humanity.”

We have now arrived at the moment where there’s nothing left to lose. Humanity either stands on its feet and says NO or dies on its knees.

Listen to today’s powerful, inspiring podcast and share it everywhere you can. (You can also repost it.) It’s 92 minutes of pure joy! Listen and celebrate the mass awakening that’s now upon us:

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