The Truth About “White Lung Disease”-Tom Renz

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Remember, these are the same people that told you COVID would kill everyone, masks help, social distancing is science, and the vaccines were safe and effective. Literally everything they have said for the past 4 years is a lie so when do you trust a liar?

First off, Pneumonia is a disease which means it is a collection of symptoms. The symptoms are caused by some underlying factor. I know some of my readers don’t like germ theory but I’m sticking with it because it is an unnecessary fight for my point. The consensus view is that viruses, bacteria, and sometimes environmental factors can cause pneumonia whose symptoms are generally resulting from fluid in the lungs stemming from those underlying issues. This is all pretty straight forward and requires no scientific understanding. The CDC lays it out for you below:

I want to point out the ventilator-associated pneumonia which is critical to understanding the hospital murder protocols but for purposes of this article the most relevant underlying cause is in the sentence following the bullet points – Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

This CDC screenshot above talks about other infections that cause pneumonia and is relevant because there are a ton of causes and it is not uncommon for pneumonia to be prevalent during cold and flu season. What is important is below:

Atypical pneumonia has some different characteristics than “typical pneumonias” such as it can appear different on a chest X-ray than typical pneumonia. While not mentioned here, my understanding is that the appearance on a chest X-ray is more white in the lungs… AKA white lung disease (which is a new and made-up term to scare people). The screenshot from THE CDC below is also important:

Here we see that Mycoplasma pneumonia is one of these atypical types of pneumonia that causes the “white lung disease” X-rays. We also see that it is typically “mild” and also known as walking pneumonia (which sounds substantially less scary than white lung disease). Now let’s bring this back around to the problem no one wants to talk about.

The image above is from the Pfizer Adverse Event reports. There appears to be a causal relationship between the mRNA (actually modRNA) vaccines and Mycoplasma pneumonia. My best guess is that this is because the spike proteins that your body makes after being injected with the COVID jabs attack your lungs in the same way COVID does… the spike is the same pathogen in both. I will grant you that I’m not a scientist but I’d love someone to give me a real explanation as to why the spike is dangerous in COVID and not in the vaccines (the reality is that it’s deadly in both). Since I don’t expect this to happen I’m standing behind this conclusion.

The uptick in walking pneumonia (the super scary white lung disease) is due to the COVID jabs. If you got the jab or the flu shots that have the COVID jabs mixed in then you are probably at a higher risk of respiratory illness than you would be otherwise. I’ve been saying since the summer of 2021 – get the jab get COVID and keep getting COVID. This is not a surprise, it is not unexpected, and the fact that they are throwing this up against the wall just in time for the 2024 election should be enough to tell you all you need to know about this.

The only real question is whether we are stupid enough to fall for it again… I say we make #HellNo trend again on Twitter.

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