The vaccine mandate is a hoax, and no entity or person in America is obliged to follow it

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The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has negatively impacted the lives of millions of Americans. Being forced to get vaccinated is the last thing anyone needs in these trying times.

Yet, President Joe Biden keeps pushing a “vaccine mandate” that doesn’t actually exist. Whatever Biden says, American citizens should be free to decide if they want to get vaccinated or not without fearing that they will lose their jobs.

You are free to say no to getting vaccinated

In an article published by the Global Research, Paul Craig Roberts writes that Biden cannot issue laws or edicts like a vaccine mandate.

Orders like this from the White House would be struck down by federal courts. Congress is the source of law and even if it passes a vaccine mandate signed by Biden, if the courts follow the Constitution the law would be struck down.

Roberts emphasizes that any mandate or law that violates informed consent is a violation of the Nuremberg laws. The same laws were used to execute members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party after World War II for violating informed consent while conducting their horrendous medical experiments.

Biden’s “mandate” is just a press release statement used to convince private employers to do what he is unable to do as president: Issue vaccine mandates to employees. There’s also the fact that private employers have no legislative power and no legal authority to violate the Nuremberg laws.

The president’s vaccine mandate is just another hoax supported by mainstream media to convince the public that it must be obeyed at all costs.

“When your employer tells you, whether you are a nurse or a software engineer or Walmart cashier, that you must accept what is without doubt a dangerous injection or be fired, sue him when he fires you,” Roberts writes.

Note that all fired employees can join a master civil lawsuit that can possibly bankrupt money-hungry employers who are breaking U.S. and international laws. (Related: Hundreds of healthcare workers in Virginia have been fired or suspended over COVID-19 vaccine mandates.)

If employers go ahead and fire workers who simply wish not to get vaccinated, businesses will be in trouble. If the federal courts abandon the Constitution, U.S. law, international law and the people they serve, there’s no telling what will happen.

Vaccine injuries are rarely reported

According to Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant (PA), the majority of coronavirus vaccine-related injuries are not being reported.

Conrad says she is seeing more hospital patients who have been vaccinated against coronavirus but are testing positive for COVID-19. Most of these patients have pneumonia and sepsis.

Following the coronavirus vaccine rollout, the PA have also noticed a significant increase in the following health complaints:

Conrad has 17 years of experience as PA, but it’s alarming that she doesn’t know anything about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) before the vaccination campaign.

The same can also be said for some health care providers. They don’t know how to identify potential vaccine injuries or how to report them. Most shocking of all, many of them have no idea that they have a legal requirement to report all emergency use vaccine injuries to VAERS.

While adverse reactions to conventional vaccines are only voluntarily reported to VAERS, it’s a requirement for any issues with vaccines under emergency use authorization (EUA).

The law states that injuries caused by a vaccine under EUA need to be reported to VAERS. But Conrad and many others like her have not received any training on how to do so.

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