These pictures show America’s future if the globalists get their way: This is what pure bloods can expect at the ‘COVID camps’

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Readers of this web site are aware that it is only a matter of time before the “Powers That Be” decide to force the kill shots on everyone they consider a useless eater. This is what you can expect to occur:

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First: Places of public gatherings and transportation in large cities, will have checkpoints established, which will immediately vax any person not presenting an up to date vax passport. This will include sports venues, toll booths, airports, concerts, cruise ports, train stations, and shopping malls.

Second: Vax squads will be going door to door, cross-checking with the Federal census, drivers license, and banking information to locate unvaxed persons. They will be forcibly vaxed, or removed to a COVID/FEMA camp. Look for this mostly occurring in the large cities for max efficiency.

Known anti-vax influencers, whistleblowers, and local loudmouths will be targeted individually, and removed to a COVID/FEMA camp.

Third: Resistance to the forced vax will accelerate as the vax squads move from the liberal, gun-free zone large cities to the suburbs. Shootings in self-defense, and sniper attacks on the vax squads will increase. The military will be used to support and protect the vax squads. Resistance will become war like once the squads venture out of the large cities into rural America. A national emergency will be declared with confiscation of all firearms and food stockpiles. Fuel deliveries, fresh water, and grid electricity will be cutoff to control the rebel areas.


Fourth: Civil disobedience will escalate into civil war in many states, as many cities, towns and neighborhoods blockade their entry roads and control all entry and exit. Several states will blockade their borders and entry points, and declare independence from federal laws or outright secession from the US.

Fifth: As I detailed in my previous articles, the next consequence is for gangs to proliferate in a battle for limited and dwindling resources. People will move to rural farm areas to be close to food sources and water. Tent and RV cities will spring up around farms and water sources. Cities, lacking food, fuel, and water, will be mostly abandoned. Travel will be hazardous and fuels scarce due to highway robbers and road blockades. Barter will be the coin of the realm.

ANP readers take note: The images shown within this story show ‘camps‘ run by both the Germans during WWII and ‘camps‘ run by the US and allied forces.

The COVID Camps

Upon arrival at a COVID/FEMA camp you will undergo the typical protocol of: evaluate, segregate, medicate, educate, or eliminate.

After your evaluation, you will be segregated into classes, depending upon your medical condition, political views, and usefulness to the New World Order.

Elite Class detainees will be housed in a dormitory setting, where they will be indoctrinated with NWO propaganda. These detainees will be useful to the NWO, and will not be injected with the vax kill shots, but will be injected with tracker chips. They will be transferred to work areas to serve the NWO.

Class A detainees will be housed in large open indoor areas, such as sports arenas and convention centers. They will be forcibly vaxed with the slow kill shots, and detained while attending indoctrination on NWO propaganda. Tracker chips will be implanted. Depending upon the success of their NWO indoctrination, they will be transferred to useful work centers, or demoted to Class X.

Class X will be imprisoned in large open fields, similar to the WW2 DES camps. These detainees are those that have been determined to not be of use to the NWO. The useless eaters will be eliminated through starvation, dehydration, exposure to the elements, and predation by other detainees. Their deaths will be classified as Covid deaths.

Troublemakers will be quickly eliminated by suffocation with 100% nitrogen gas.

Avoiding the Covid/FEMA Camps 

When the Vax squads begin their lethal work, there are but a few choices left for the anti-vax purebloods:

1) Submit to the vax, and hope they leave you alone after that.

2) Submit to the COVID/FEMA camp and hope that you get rated Elite or Class A.

3) Hide. This will require either a large hidden supply of food and shelter, or help from vaxed family or friends.

4) Fight back alone. This is most likely to end in your immediate death as the force against you is multiplied. It also offers the highest ration of self-satisfaction. There is nothing like “taking a few with me”.

5) Fight back in a group. This is also likely to end in your death, but will be more costly to the government. Guerrilla tactics would be most effective. Sniper skills in high demand.

6) Leave the country. Well…. where you gonna go? How are you gonna get there? The airlines require masks now, and soon will require vax passports as well.

If this is your option, you must start now, while travel is still possible without a vax passport. There is only one country that is not part of the forced vax agenda, and that allows immigration under somewhat easy conditions.

That country is Sweden.

Conditions for immigration include the usual family unification, business investment, and asylum. If you are not rich, and cannot show cause for asylum, then your best bet is to enroll in a Swedish University for study. A student visa is easy to obtain. You then are allowed to stay in Sweden, where you must enroll in the University.

Assuming that the forced vax is only a year or two away, your presence in Sweden will protect you from the vax squads. You should be able to claim asylum once the forced vax starts in the US and gain permanent Swedish residency.


Whatever your choice of resistance is, you must begin to plan and stockpile now. Every week there are fewer and fewer supplies available. Restrictions and emergency measures are increasing.

The Federal Elections are only 10 months away, and the Democrats know they are going to lose power. A False Flag terrorist or fake ET invasion event is a 100% certainty. That will result in a “State of Emergency” declaration, with a possibility of martial law.

At that point, you will have fewer options for resistance, and no access to supplies or fuel. The vax squads will be knocking on your door shortly after that.

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