This massive new wave of online censorship is straight out of the totalitarian playbook – The COVID information war heats up as globalists try to control the flow of information

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Over the years we have all seen the coordinated efforts of big tech, social media and the MSM in colluding to make sure only the “official” narrative on Covid (and other topics!)  are discussed, and debated, by banning those that offer information the big tech/social media gurus disagree with. Suspending accounts that offer information, as well as first hand accounts of alternative treatments for Covid, or long-Covid.

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Blaring MSM headlines about “misinformation” against anything and any one that does not toe the “official” Covid information line.

This was addressed in an Op-ed at Newsweek back in November 2021, which stated the following:

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Tech has been working overtime to promote its own ideology over any dissent standing in the way. This strategy has only grown during the Biden administration. We’ve seen doctors censored for questioning the vaccine, along with any posts that did the same thing. It’s easy to conclude this was the result of Big Tech working together with the government, which Jen Psaki openly admitted did happen earlier this year. Big Tech and the federal government don’t want debate that could undermine their preferred narrative. It’s straight out of the totalitarian playbook.

Disagreement with the official narrative is labeled “misinformation,” as we continue to see the goalposts being moved on what is considered “true” and what isn’t, by the very same people that banned, suspended and demonetized those that previously brought up the same points that is magically acceptable after those goalposts were moved.


Patreon is a website where people can set up monthly donations to individuals, websites and crowdfunding projects.

They have also been shown as coordinating and colluding with other tech to prevent legitimate questions, firsthand reports, and demonetizing accounts that share information other than the “approved” narrative.

They have been credibly accused of “purging” conservatives and others for “wrong-think,” and “off-platform activity.”

Patreon, a platform that allows content creators and artists to get paid directly for their content, suspended Sydney Watson, the host of BlazeTV’s “You Are Here” because of her off-platform “activity.”

The platform also suspended Josh Lekach, host of the Wrong Opinion podcast, at around the same time.

Watson announced the suspension in a series of tweets, claiming she was suspended over “hate speech.” However, she hardly posts on Patreon, which led her to believe she was suspended for her activity on other platforms.

Well, after a few recent pieces, including Stefan Stanford’s personal account of being helped considerably for long-covid by the use of Ivermectin which was prescribed for him by a Doctor, Patreon has canceled ANP from using their services.

We received an email from “Reye” at Patreon. stating the following, in part that “Following our policy update concerning medical misinformation, Patreon can no longer support accounts that repeatedly use unfounded or debunked theories to argue against broadly supported public health measures on COVID-19. Because your content falls within this realm, we can longer allow your project on Patreon.

Screenshot of full email below:

No, we are not appealing. We have no desire to work with Patreon if they are deliberately stifling healthy, civil debate and the sharing of medical information other than the approved narrative aka propaganda.

Instead we are looking into Patreon alternatives and will replace the Patreon with one as soon as we have decided.

Since no piece about pushing propaganda and censorship is complete without looking at what is going on with the censors over at Twitter…. let us move on.

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