Those Who Enable Tyranny…

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A society’s perception will dictate their behavior. Therefore the globalists must use an enormous amount of propaganda in order to control peoples perception. They control the information in the mainstream narrative in order to control peoples perception and thereby controlling their behavior.

Lately there have been these absolutely moronic clowns put into governmental positions. It’s obvious that the peoples vote is not putting these idiots into their positions of political power. They are being placed there by the elites and globalists in order to fulfill a perceptual goal. The first goal is to cause people to lose respect for their country. They hate countries. They want a one ruling force worldwide.

The globalists have also went from hiding their tyrannical actions to basically doing it “in your face” , while screaming “we control you peasants!” They are showing the world that they can can put these clowns into power. This is all part of the psyop of creating peoples perception of “well there’s nothing we can do about it”. These globalist know that it’s impossible to control eight billion people if they all united against them, so they have to resort to propaganda to fool the masses into obeying them as well as keep them fighting among themselves.

Throughout history there have always been certain people in society that have enabled tyranny from elites, globalists, and government tyrants. The main group responsible for allowing tyranny to be waged upon individuals are law enforcers. They are the “teeth”, the “hammer”, the “weapon” for tyrants. Without these “tools” the tyrants would be defenseless. Think about the ratio of law enforcement to that of the people and you will see that there are way more people than law enforcers. Just imagine, if say, half of the population in China said “no, we are not complying” and stood for their freedom. There is no way the tyrannical agents could stop the individuals.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the law enforcers are choosing to enforce edicts that will ultimately harm themselves as well as their families and future generations. By continuing to choose “perceived power” and a paycheck over critical thinking they are inevitably destroying humanity. The same thing goes for the military.

Pretty much any person working for government is a part of this, if they choose to turn off their critical thinking and enforce anything that comes from these globalists. Any of them that refuse to cooperate will be fired, so the ones that remain employed are choosing globalism over freedom. They are paving the way for their children and grandchildren to live as slaves.

For us that use critical thinking and do not fall for propaganda, we should be more concerned with those that are being influenced more than the elites and globalists. Because it is the brainwashed that are complying and allowing this tyranny to continue. We have to stop worrying about what others think of us and speak the truth in order to try and show the masses where they are headed.

Here is David Icke laying out how the propaganda is influencing the perceptions, and controlling the behavior of the masses by so few globalists.

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