Trans Activists Pushed Aggressive Rhetoric Before Shooting at Christian School

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The transgender movement pushed hostile and apocalyptic rhetoric leading up to the deadly shooting of a Christian school by a transgender person in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Before Audrey Hale, who identified as transgender, carried out a shooting on Nashville, Tennessee’s Covenant Christian Academy, the transgender movement embraced increasingly hostile rhetoric. 

A video of transgender activist Kayla Denker, who goes by “Pinko Scum,” shows him loading and racking an AR-15, with a caption that reads “while advocating for trans people to ‘arm ourselves’ is not any of a solution to the genocide we’re facing …if you transphobes do try to come for me I’m taking a few of you with me.”

In one tweet, a transgender individual with an AR-15 and a handgun is pictured along with the words “Kill christcucks. Behead christcucks” and “crucify filthy christcucks” as well as “slam dunk a christcuck baby into a trashcan.” The post is hashtagged “trans day of vengeance.”

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