TRUE FAITH: Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski refuses to obey fascist Canada’s gag order, says he’s “prepared to go to prison”

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Alberta pastor Artur Pawlowski is standing strong against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) persecution in Canada, even though he could end up in prison for it.

As we reported, Pawlowski was recently ordered by Judge Adam Germain to start preaching Chinese Virus propaganda to his congregation as punishment for previous lockdown violations. Pawlowski was also fined $23,000 and told he would have to serve 18 months of probation for his Fauci Flu “crimes.”

Being a principled man of faith, Pawlowski of course rejected the court’s order that he lie to his flock. Sarah Miller, his lawyer, is already planning an appeal against the “compelled speech” order and the “unconstitutional” sentencing her client was given.

In Germain’s 12-page ruling, Pawlowski was ordered to preach the following script from his pulpit:

“I am also aware that the views I am expressing to you on this occasion may not be views held by the majority of medical experts in Alberta. While I may disagree with them, I am obliged to inform you that the majority of medical experts favour social distancing, mask wearing, and avoiding large crowds to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Most medical experts also support participation in a vaccination program unless for a valid religious or medical reason you cannot be vaccinated. Vaccinations have been shown statistically to save lives and to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.”

Pawlowski has already publicly condemned this compelled speech, comparing it to something that would happen in a place like China or North Korea. He added that he will never comply and is “fully prepared to go to prison” for his faith.

Be sure to watch the following episode of the Health Ranger Report to hear Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, interview Pawlowski about Canada’s anti-Christian tyranny:

Who could have predicted that coronavirus would become the catalyst for antichrist persecution of Christians?

For an astounding 40 minutes, Germain ranted in front of the court about how for the next year-and-a-half, Pawlowski needs to indoctrinate his congregation with Chinese Virus lies. Germain also demanded that Pawlowski present the script anytime he says anything anywhere, including on Twitter or during media interviews.

According to Canadian lawyer and Rebel Media chief Ezra Levant, Pawlowski has basically been told that “he must immediately repudiate himself and give the ‘official’ government view condemning himself” or else “go back to jail.”

“He must argue against himself,” Levant added. “He must condemn himself.”

Such an order is “unheard of in Canadian law,” Levant went on to explain, suggesting that this kind of tyranny is part and parcel of the “new normal” in Canada.

Germain, meanwhile, feels as though his obscure ruling is necessary and “reasonable,” as it will “be more beneficial in repairing the harm Pastor Pawlowski and his brother did to society.”

In Germain’s opinion, Pawlowski and his brother harmed society by talking about the government’s plandemic overreach. Ironically, Germain is now punishing Pawlowski using the very same government overreach that Pawlowski warned his congregation about.

“Justice Germain stated four times in his ruling that he did not send the pastor back to prison because he did not want to make him a ‘martyr’ for his cause and that he didn’t want to ‘add a little more gasoline to the anti-mask, anti-vaccination fire,’” reported LifeSiteNews.

“In a twist of fate, Pawlowski is now positioned to be a martyr for the cause of free speech in Canada as the strong-willed pastor is not backing down. It remains to be seen what will happen to him, but any public speaking or traveling outside the province could mean that he ends up back in prison.”

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