Trump announces class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google over political discrimination and de-platforming

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President Donald Trump has announced that he is filing a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google to put “an immediate halt to social media companies’ illegal, shameful censorship of the American people.”

Filed in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, a group funded by Trump administration alumnae Brooke Rollins and Linda McMahon, the suit also demands an immediate “end to the shadow banning” that is taking place against conservatives and other “undesirables” who present viewpoints that upset leftists.

“Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s completely un-American,” Trump explained from his golf course in Bedminster, N.J. “Our filing also seeks injunctive relief to allow prompt restitution … because it is destroying our country.”

Trump further spoke of the fraudulent 2020 election, pointing to the fact that the numbers do not “add up.” And yet, talking about any of this online is now strictly prohibited across the Big Tech spectrum.

“Social media has given extraordinary power to a group of Big Tech giants that are working with government, the mainstream media, and a large segment of a political party, to silence and suppress the views of the American people,” Trump further stated.

Communist China did the same thing with contradictory information about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Trump added during his speech.

The China-aligned Facebook, Twitter and Google platforms are all guilty of censoring and removing information about the Chinese Virus that Xi Jinping did not want to spread because it makes the regime look bad.

“They said, ‘It didn’t emerge from the Chinese lab,’” Trump explained about how Big Tech has done everything within its power to silence the lab origin theory of the Fauci Flu. “Remember, I said Wuhan, it was like a bomb went up. ‘It came from the Wuhan lab.’”

“Of course there are body bags outside the lab, nobody ever mentions that,” Trump further said. “I wonder why? It was finally revealed that this was most likely the truth, that it came from the lab.”

Will Big Tech’s Section 230 immunity protections finally be revoked?

It is expected that Team Trump will cite the illegitimacy of Big Tech’s Section 230 immunity protections, which were wrongfully enshrined within the embarrassingly outdated Communications Decency Act (ACT).

Big Tech has essentially been afforded the right to act as both content provider and content publisher, thanks to antiquated provisions within the CDA that were crafted long before the internet even existed, let alone social media platforms.

The CDA is in desperate need of a total overhaul, and Trump has repeatedly drawn attention to this fact over the years. And yet, Congress has done nothing so far to address the problem.

Florida, where Trump resides, tried to pass a law that would have regulated tech platforms as “common carriers,” which would have given Trump a much stronger legal footing in this case. That bill was never passed, however.

“It’s about time,” wrote one commenter at Breitbart News. “I resent, as we all should, having a bunch of snowflake nerds telling me what I can say. Tech giants need to be regulated like an insurance company, utilities, etc.”

Another pointed out that Trump should have done a whole lot more to address the problem while he was still in office, rather than try to deal with it as a civilian.

“Freedom of speech should be protected in the ‘new town square,’” another commenter wrote. “Big Tech fact checkers are the biggest source of misinformation.”

You can learn more about the effort to regulate Big Tech at the Constitutional Litigation Partnership website.

You can also keep up with the latest news about Big Tech censorship and Trump’s efforts to fight it at

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