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Ever since I created, I have been preaching that people need to think for themselves. I have said question everything. I have been telling people to do your own research and use critical thinking. The problem with today’s society is that nearly everyone has been lulled into laziness, illiteracy, and the belief that there are “super hero’s”. The only “hero’s” are WE THE PEOPLE.

One of the most cunning operations that is holding people back from demanding freedom is the “Qanon” cult. This “Q” movement has been preaching “trust the plan“. If you cannot see that this Q plan is not lulling people into an almost sleep state, in order to stop an uprising, then you are a sheeple. It is a known fact that people gravitate towards some narrative if it tells them what they want to hear. Think about it, “Q” keeps “moving the goal post“. This same type of “psyop” has been used in past history.

Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik Counter-Intelligence honeypot trap to identify anti-communist patriots by having them wait for a secret military plan that didn’t exist. The communist operation from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing the anti-communist opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.  Then the Bolsheviks then later arrested and persecuted those involved.

I honestly believe that the human society is headed for complete communist takeover. The “Q” plan has worked at keeping otherwise real men from doing what is needed in order to keep America from becoming a communist china. To put it bluntly, Americans are just too lazy and are cowards. With that being said, lets see if you are too lazy to watch the video below from David Icke. He has been warning us for decades that this was coming. If you have the mental discipline, watch it and actually “think about it“. If not, then sit back , do nothing and “enjoy the decline“.

Update (1-23-21) I always believe in having an open mind and to not rule out anything. If I am found to be wrong about this I will be the first to acknowledge that I was wrong. In fact, I hope that I am proved wrong.

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