Uniformed military troops now targeting alcohol-drinking young adults for on-site covid vaccinations… because impaired judgement is desired by the vax squads

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The military-industrial complex is so desperate to get all Americans “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that it is now sending uniformed military troops into the streets to jab drunk young people who are too inebriated to resist.

Reports indicate that soldiers are now roving the streets of Dallas searching for young adults incapacitated on alcohol to roll up their sleeves for one of Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

Since only about 40 percent of young adults in the area are believed to have been vaccinated so far, the medical deep state is having its obedient soldier drones attempt to double that number by tricking young people into getting needled while their brains are impaired.

“We were actually celebrating my best friend’s birthday – he just turned 19 – so we were going to go skate around, get something to eat, and I was like s***, I might as well get it done,” one blue-haired young person told CBS DFW about his agreeing to get injected upon encountering military troops in the neighborhood of Deep Ellum.

“All they needed was my first and last name, and then they asked for my address line and my driver’s license number.”

Another middle-aged man said he was “just walking by to go get dinner” when he encountered the soldiers armed with needles. The encounter was apparently so compelling that the man agreed to roll up his sleeve on the spot to get injected.”

“It was pretty easy,” he told the news, mumbling through his face mask.

Drunk 7-Eleven employee seen receiving military-administered jab on camera

One person tweeted a particularly disturbing video of what appears to be a drunk 7-Eleven employee rolling up his sleeve to have a younger military soldier administer a Wuhan Flu shot right in the store – no doctors or medical personnel necessary.

Even though licensed medical workers are the only ones legally allowed to administer pharmaceutical injections, an exception was apparently made for the teenage-looking soldier to crudely stick the needle in the employee’s arm.

“With the Johnson & Johnson, you only need one and done,” the soldier is heard saying to the man – watch below. “So that’s the good thing about it. You don’t have to get a second one, nothing like that.”

As you will notice, the soldier had two unsanitary bandages hanging off of his sleeve ready to apply to the injection site. Seems safe and professional, right?

Just days ago, taking off your mask in a public place was considered by Democrats to be an act of “murder.” Now, slapping a few dirty bandages on your sleeve while injecting someone with deadly chemicals in the middle of a 7-Eleven at midnight is being reported as “science.”

America really has become the Twilight Zone. Thanks to both the previous administration and the current one, our country has been plunged into a medical police state that is only just getting started with what it has planned for the populace.

“Drunk people cannot give legal consent,” noted one commenter at Citizen Free Press about how heinous it is for the military to be targeting drunk people with life-altering injections while drunk at the local bar.

“Ambushing drunks? Not cool,” wrote another. “It’s an irreversible experimental genetic treatment. It’s not right to go stalking people for your sick agenda.”

Others noted that wars were fought by our country to stop this type of genocidal encroachment. Now, our own military is doing the encroaching, and in Texas of all places. Oh, America, how far you have fallen.

To learn more about how the American military is participating in mass genocide by administering Chinese Virus injections to drunk people, visit MedicalTyranny.com.

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