Unvaccinated people must be rounded up by the US military and FORCE-VACCINATED at gunpoint starting January 1st, decries “Mad Money” raging lunatic Jim Cramer

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Mad in the head Jim Cramer says it’s “psychotic” to let any US citizen walk around unvaccinated for Covid, and that there are no state’s rights when it comes to getting gene therapy clot shots. Nobody has “the right” to get other people sick, he says, so “it’s time that we have to go to WAR against Covid” – he obviously means war against the unvaccinated by having military swat teams hold people down with guns in their faces while being force injected with billions of blood-clotting prions that mimic deadly virus pathogens.

Crackpot Cramer calls for UNIVERSAL forced vaccination at military gunpoint

Let the military run the forced-vaccination campaign, says a guy who gives really poor stock-trading advice and hosts CNBC regularly. Plus, Cramer demands universal lockdown for all unvaccinated people, across the globe, enforced by the military and any weapons of mass destruction they may need to shoot everyone up with toxins that have yet to be proven to stop the injected from catching, spreading or dying of Covid. Great plan. This non-Covid expert (clown) needs to stick to what he knows, and that’s pushing weak stock advice (that nobody listens to) on TV. Cramer is going on wild rants demanding death by vaccination be enforced by military police around the world.

Mad Money Cramer gives his expert advice about how Omicron will benefit investors

People who invest in chronic sick care are very excited about the next so-called “variant” of the lab-made coronavirus called “Omicron,” as it will help the rogue Covid administration enforce more lockdowns, business-crushing restrictions, and forced-injections that cause blood clots and neurological disorders. There are certain stocks Cramer recommends and others he doesn’t, making it more clear how people can make a fortune off other people being sick from Covid and the toxic vaccines.

Most investors are pouring their money into huge corporations like Amazon and anything Bill Gates promotes, as small and medium-sized businesses are being crushed by the greatest scamdemic of all time. That’s why Cramer is pushing so hard for universal forced vaccination at gunpoint. The more blood clots and neurological disorders Americans suffer, the more investors can bankroll off diagnostic equipment, prescription drugs that make Covid worse, and the upcoming, never-ending booster jabs.

Mad Hatter Cramer wants forced-vaccination-at-gunpoint enforced across America starting New Year’s Day

“The federal government needs to require vaccines, including booster shots, for everyone in America by, say, January 1st” decries “Mad Hatter” Cramer, who, if vaccinated for Covid, may be suffering episodes of delusions of grandeur. He went on to rant, “it’s time to admit that our government has lost the ability, or the will, to make our people do the right thing.” So in Cramer’s mind, the “right thing” is killing 90% of Americans with mRNA injections already proven in clinical trials to kill and maim victims by the thousands.

In the next sentence, Cramer explains how he is completely baffled and confused about the “on-again-off-again series of measures” the Biden Administration and CDC have wielded about with NO SCIENCE to back up any of it. He said, “Nobody wants to be the bad guy, so we’ve allowed a pastiche of uncoordinated health organizations to dictate an on-again-off-again series of measures that mostly just leave us baffled and confused.”

Of course, “anti-vaxxers” are accused of ruining the entire planet, like Hitler said about the Jews, even though Covid only kills .73% of its victims, where Hitler killed nearly all 6 million of his. But the vaccines, oh the vaccines. The Covid jabs are the real pandemic, and we’re seeing the carnage rise up like a tsunami. It’s vaccine genocide, and Crazy “Mad Hatter” Cramer is at the helm ranting and raving, again.

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