VAX WOKE: Can an unvaccinated person in America simply “self-identify” as a vaccinated person, without ever risking a deadly Covid jab?

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What if you “personally identify” or “self-identify” as someone who has taken the Covid vaccine, but you haven’t, does that qualify as vaccinated? Why not? If anyone can now simply switch from being a man to a woman (by simply putting on some high heels and lipstick), then you can also switch from non-vaccinated to vaccinated by personally declaring it, since there’s no science behind either to make them so. The Leftists don’t believe in biology at all, so that means according to their logic you can simply “believe” you now have the biology of someone who got vaccinated for Covid.

After all, if Bruce Jenner can pretend to be a woman, another person can pretend to be vaccinated.

The same logic applies if you are Black, a woman or don’t want to be vaccinated with deadly Covid jabs — then simply self-identify as a white man who has been vaccinated, and you should be all set. If some employer or “health authority” asks you if you’ve been vaccinated, you could logically respond, “I self-identify as a vaccinated person.”

If they deny your transvaccination status, remind them it’s a hate crime to deny someone’s trans status.

Next wave of mutilation on the way with Covid vaccine “boosters” and “variants”

How else can you escape the wave of mutilation that comes from injections that make your blood clot? There is no science or logic to back up vaccines right now. It’s all fear-based. The CDC, the FDA and the Marxists in DC do not believe in biology or science when it comes to pushing their agenda, because biology and science reveal that men have penises and women have vaginas, and the Covid vaccines are causing serious injuries and death, without proof of any immunity to Covid-19 or its variants.

Are you ready to mutilate your body for life just to appease the psychotic Left? Will you do it for “safety” that doesn’t exist in these “medical experiment” vaccines? Will you permanently turn your body, the temple of your soul, into a prion-creating factory that clogs your blood and brain? Did you know that currently there are more people dying from the Covid vaccines than from Covid itself?

When an employee chooses to self-identify their race, ethnicity or vaccination status, an employer cannot override their elections

If you feel you are being discriminated against in the workplace because you are a woman, or you’re Black, or Jewish, or non-vaccinated, in America you are free to choose any characteristic or categorization to “belong” to a particular group. In other words, you simply state your new status and it must be accepted, or else those who outwardly challenge you are guilty of harassment, bigotry, hate, discrimination and/or racism.

Self-identification can change at any moment, any day, when that employee declares the new “self,” whether that means switching from Black to White, or “flowing” from man to woman and back again, or simply choosing the labels we want folks to use with us, like “fully vaccinated.”

It doesn’t matter, biologically or scientifically, if you can’t prove any of this (because the science and biology would prove it all wrong). It’s all just choice, and choice of the moment. It’s all up to the individual. These labels help us build friendships and bonds, and keep peace and equality alive in America. So please, if someone tells you they “self-identify as fully vaccinated” then you should respect their choice, without using any science to try to prove them wrong, because that would be totally and extremely bigoted.

Remember, a bigot is defined as a person who is antagonistic toward or prejudiced against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group, and certainly, the unvaccinated people of America are a very important group of people whom we must respect and treat the same as if they were vaccinated and self-identifying as “non-vaccinated.” It works both ways. God bless America.

Now, if for some reason, you already got jabbed with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and you are suffering from CoVax Syndrome, then report it to VAERS. Also, check out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust.

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