WATCH: Los Angeles fire captain refuses covid vaccine in epic speech

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Government officials in the City of Angels are fuming mad about a video that Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Christian Granucci posted to social media opposing to the city’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandate.

In the video – be sure to watch it below – Granucci rails against city officials in L.A. who are attempting to force all public employees to get injected for the Wuhan Flu or else face punishment.

“This is tyranny,” Granucci emphatically states in the video.

“This is about freedom of choice. The department has said we can seek medical exemption … that is a pie in the sky. We can even seek religious exemptions, but they know they have end-runs around those. The vaccinations will come. And then after that, it will be a booster, and another booster and another booster. When will this end? When will this tyranny stop?”

The 31-year vet of the department is refusing to obey a city ordinance requiring all city employees to show proof of injection or a weekly “negative” covid test in order to remain employed. Non-exempt employees have until September 7 to get their first dose of either Pfizer or Moderna, and until October 5 to get their second dose.

City employees who opt for the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) single-dose injection have until October 5 to get injected.

Granucci says he plans to put a stop to the “tyranny”

Not only is Granucci not planning to get the shot, but he has also vowed to fight the ruling on behalf of other city employees who do not want to get jabbed. He also blasted the fire department and union representing firefighters for going along with the tyranny.

“You decided to play politics with us,” Granucci said of the firefighters union.

Granucci and his supporters are further planning to “seek legal counsel,” he says, against the City of Los Angeles for attempting to violate the rights of city employees.

“We will take this fight to you, the City of Los Angeles,” Granucci proclaimed, calling the unnamed attorney involved with the fight “a shark.”

The latest data shows that many of the people being admitted to Los Angeles-area hospitals with “covid” are patients who were recently injected. Despite this, the local city council has decided that forcing the jabs on everyone, including the unwilling, is the best way to “flatten the curve.”

“LAFD Firefighters and Paramedics have been at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus for almost 18 months providing vaccinations, testing, and emergency medical care for hundreds of thousands of Angelenos,” said Freddy Escobar, president of the United Firefighters of L.A. City, in a statement.

“When the City shut down, it was our first responders who continued to show up to care for our residents in the face of uncertainty.”

Rather than allow city employees to make their own health decisions, Escobar and others believe that forcibly penetrating people’s bodies with mystery chemicals is the best way to “save lives” and end the plandemic.

“My friend at church, a retired L.A. County Fire Captain, says the poor guy is getting raked over the coals because he posted on duty and in uniform,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press about Granucci. “We hope his fellow firemen support him!”

“Thanks for the inspiration,” wrote another. “My company gave me till the 31st of August to comply or face the same fate. Well, it took 4 nurses to hold me down when I was 2 years old for a shot … I haven’t changed much. Not taking the jab…”

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