Whistleblower: Pfizer FORGED signatures of trial participants, falsified and fabricated trial data

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A former Pfizer contractor-turned-whistleblower said the Big Pharma company forged informed consent signatures and falsified and fabricated clinical trial data for its Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA vaccine.

Brook Jackson, who has nearly 20 years of experience in clinical research for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, was hired by Pfizer to participate in the Big Pharma company’s stage 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials in 2020. (Related: Whistleblower: Pfizer vaccine trial data was falsified, participants who experienced adverse effects were ignored.)

According to Jackson, she only worked for the trial for a few days. She had no choice but to quit after the practices she witnessed that were “so appalling she had to blow the whistle immediately.”

Since then, she has faced more than a year of overwhelming legal intimidation. Jackson was even issued a court order not to speak about what she saw in Pfizer’s trials until the conclusion of her legal battle – thanks to a legal complaint she said she was tricked into filing.

Despite the gag order, Jackson still agreed to come on to the March 3 episode of the “Stew Peters Show” to discuss the fraudulent clinical trial Pfizer.

Pfizer’s clinical trial treated like a quick formality rather than a rigorous and necessary scientific procedure

When Jackson filed a complaint against Pfizer with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), she listed several different concerns that would have ended the Big Pharma company’s COVID-19 vaccine trial if the FDA was willing to prosecute Pfizer for negligence during clinical trials.


The main problem with Pfizer’s trial was that there was a widespread lack of informed consent.

“I saw informed consent [forms] that were forged,” said Jackson. “I witnessed informed consents that were being given to these patients that were not complete.”

As an example, Jackson noted that she saw multiple informed consent forms that had massive differences in the signatures, indicating that Pfizer employees or operatives at the clinical trial site were forging the signatures of trial participants.

Jackson explained that this most likely happened because the clinical trial was treated more like a formality that Pfizer had to deal with instead of a proper study into the safety and efficacy of the company’s experimental vaccine.

“Imagine the study, it’s supposed to be controlled,” she said. “But imagine a factory line. These patients were brought in so quickly, and they were moved out just as fast. And so, things are missed, data points were missed, informed consent signatures were missed. So when that was found during an internal quality control process, they would just forge the signatures.”

Peters remarked that this lack of informed consent stretches out to the people getting their COVID-19 vaccines “at their pharmacists or in their school cafeteria or whatnot.”

Other than the forging of informed consent signatures, Jackson’s other big concern with Pfizer’s trial was the complete fabrication and falsification of trial data. She again noted that this was inevitable given “the haste and the speed in which they were enrolling [patients] in the study.”

Ventavia, the clinical research company Jackson contracted by during Pfizer’s clinical trial, was paid on a per-patient basis. She noted that this gave the company an incentive to get as many people enrolled in the trial as possible, regardless of whether or not this affects the integrity of the study data.

This, coupled with Pfizer’s desire to be the first to get a COVID-19 vaccine on the market, completely tore down what little credible data could be gained from the trials.

“Just in the rush, missing data points weren’t collected,” said Jackson. “When those were found during internal and audit processes … the data would just be made up. So, if it was missing on a worksheet or document or source document from the site level, they would just fabricate the data.”

Watch Brook Jackson’s full interview with Stew Peters on the March 3 episode of “The Stew Peters Show” as she discusses the data integrity issues with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trials.

This video is from The Prisoner channel on Brighteon.com.

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