WHO scientist could reportedly face DEATH PENALTY for attacking ivermectin and withholding effective treatment from patients

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In India, an India Bar Association’s (IBA) lawsuit against World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Scientist of India Soumya Swaminathan continues to move forward, charging her with murder and other crimes that could result in life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

If you missed it, Swaminathan was served with a lawsuit back in May for her contributions to dissuading the use of ivermectin in the treatment of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Swaminathan is accused of lying about ivermectin in an effort to keep it out of the hands of sick people. The IBA says Swaminathan’s words and behavior concerning ivermectin were “extremely unreasonable,” describing them as “having another purpose” besides trying to help people.

The IBA is calling for the invocation of articles 302, 304 (paragraph 2), and 88 of the Indian Penal Code against Swaminathan. Should she be convicted, Swaminathan could be put to death for her alleged crimes.

On May 25, the IBA issued a statement accusing Swaminathan of “initiating a false propaganda campaign against ivermectin” and “inducing the public to refuse to use ivermectin” to treat the Chinese Virus.

About two weeks prior to the suit, India’s Health Ministry approved an ivermectin-based Fauci Flu treatment regimen that recommended all residents 18 years of age and older take five ivermectin tablets daily. The stated purpose for this was to keep people from developing potentially fatal high fevers.

After the Health Ministry introduced the new policy, Swaminathan freaked out and issued a statement on behalf of the WHO claiming that the United Nations “public health” arm does not recommend the use of ivermectin in the treatment of Chinese Germs.

WHO’s “essential medications” list includes ivermectin

As it turns out, Swaminathan’s claim is false. The WHO actually does recommend the use of ivermectin in its “essential medications” list. The inventors of ivermectin were also awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 for developing the drug.

“Your misleading tweet against the use of ivermectin on May 10 this year led to the exclusion of ivermectin from the coronavirus treatment regimen in Tamil Nadu on May 11, despite the fact that this drug was previously a treatment on the drug list,” the IBA wrote in its legal statement against Swaminathan.

“The world has gradually realized that you use the ‘scientific method’ to describe fabricated facts. This method is absurd, arbitrary, and ridiculous. The WHO claims to be ‘omniscient,’ but this is like a vain emperor wearing his new clothes, and the whole world only now knows that the emperor is wearing no clothes at all.”

In a separate statement IBA legal team head Dipala Ojha promised that the legal statement against Swaminathan is “only the first step.” More is coming that aims to put her away for life, he threatened.

“The action of deleting the tweet just proved her maliciousness,” the IBA wrote on its website about Swaminathan’s attempted coverup of her actions. “Deleting this tweet will not save her and her colleagues. We will support citizens to initiate litigation for her criminal actions.”

In its own statement, the WHO responded that its members “regret” this alleged unprovoked attack on Swaminathan, who is regarded as a senior WHO official. Swaminathan has been with the WHO since March 2019.

It is exceptionally rare that high-level government officials ever get punished for something, so Swaminathan must have done something pretty threatening to now be targeted like this.

“The untrustworthy, unelected officials who advise against ivermectin are in ‘regulatory capture,’” wrote one commenter at Natural News. “This happens when the regulator (FDA / NIH / NHS etc.) is compromised by the corporations they are meant to regulate.”

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