Who’s Behind Legalized Psychological War Ops Being Run On The American People?

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This article comes from “redvoicemedia.com”

Once upon a time (as far back as 2012), it was illegal to conduct psychological operations (psyop) against the American people.

Then the world (and the White House) was introduced to Barack Obama.

In 2013, an act was signed by Obama that neutralized the Smith-Mundt Act (or the U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948), which “developed to regulate broadcasting of programs for foreign audiences produced under the guidance by the State Department, and it prohibited domestic dissemination of materials produced by such programs as one of its provisions.”

In other words, the 2013 act repealed banning of propaganda to Americans and pushed government-regulated news, which allowed the government to gain assistance in not-so-popular policies.

Now, granted, Obama isn’t the one who authored the bill. That was thanks to then-Representatives Mac Thornberry from Texas and Adam Smith from Washington State. But he sure did sign it, ushering in a whole new world of government freedom to serve up propaganda to Americans on a silver platter (or a screen, as is more appropriate).

One unidentified woman who claims to have been a part of psychological operations in the Army in 2003, posted a video explaining when it became illegal to use psyop against Americans.

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