Why not test everybody via PCR for chicken pox and lock down the whole world from a single case of chicken pox?

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Take an objective look back at what has transpired so far with the ‘pandemic,’ and you will see what closely resembles a far-fetched, science fiction horror movie, where ‘mutant viruses’ are trying to take over the planet, except the irony is that the millions of healthy earthlings who don’t get vaccinated aren’t affected. Currently, New Zealand is on total lockdown because they think they might have possibly discovered a ‘case’ of one human with a mutant-derived head cold or foreign-concocted (Wuhan-lab-made)  flu virus, which was likely derived from a PCR test that’s highly prone to test false-positive for Covid-19 or “Delta,” when it’s really just some virus particles from a previous flu shot.

The narrative is that all humans must get vaccinated several times a year with experimental gene therapy, wear masks 24/7/365, and stay indoors forevermore, should they have even a glimmer of hope of surviving another day in this real-life invasion of a sci-fi, mutant-version of the “common cold.” The whole plandemic is 100 percent fear-based, just like a sci-fi horror movie.

While they’re at it (the CDC and WHO), why not just test everybody for the chicken pox or seasonal flu and lock the whole world down if one or two cases pop up? It’s not like this is about Ebola, eating people alive from the inside out. Covid is a respiratory virus that’s only killing off the SAME people who die from the seasonal flu or MRSA at the hospital while being treated for the flu. Just call it Covid.

So who’s to say this one case was even real, if that matters in the grand scheme of things. And it is a “scheme” – a Ponzi scheme that reels in hypochondriac, allopathic-brainwashed people into getting vaccinated, which in turn, clogs their blood and drives inflammation worse than their body has ever experienced.

The end of the world comes not from a bang, or a whimper, but a sniffle

The world is a theatre, Covid-19 is the “blockbuster movie” playing now, Big Pharma is the Producer, and the CDC (Fraudulent Fauci) is the Director. Vaccines (and their promoters) are playing the good guys, who are really the evil villains in disguise. Sadly, it’s more of a ‘dark-humor’ film, the way this real-life-sci-fi-horror movie Covid-19, Attack of the Greek Wuhan Mutants is playing out. Soon, sneezing and coughing in public will be illegal.

We’re not far away from the news on CNN and NYT warning the populace that one sneeze can crater an entire metropolitan city in a week’s time, or an entire corporation in a day. If this news was really broadcast on MSM today, all the vaccinated ‘sheeple’ would believe it, and abide by any new ‘regulations’ and ‘mandatory medications’ put in place (laws that decimate the Constitution as well as public health).

Suddenly, overnight, the world cannot survive without every earthling getting 15 new vaccinations in the next 3 years. Suddenly, overnight, the common cold and seasonal flu became the most deadly pandemic the world has ever seen, killing off the people who were almost dead already from cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and dementia.

This is real. Covid-19 is not a poorly written science fiction movie, although it sure feels like it. This is happening, and 60 percent of the US population thinks the vaccines can save them, when it’s the total opposite. A Covid-vaccinated man has already died and his autopsy revealed his brain and cleansing organs were completely polluted with virus protein particles and prions, most likely being the cause of his death.

The seasonal flu, combined with MRSA superbugs and other hospital infections, kills 2 million people each year – have all those deaths been falsely labeled as caused by Covid?

When people die of “complications” in a hospital, there’s really no telling what directly caused the death, especially when they have multiple “pre-existing” conditions that have them immune-compromised. Many times, the patient in the very next bed has infections that spread throughout the room. Bacterial and viral infections from dirty instruments and poor hygiene in hospitals are quite common. This can quickly develop into pneumonia and organ-crippling health issues.

Should the world stay forever locked down because of a breakout of chicken pox, head colds, or the flu? Used to be parents would take their young children over to play with the neighbor’s kids if they had chicken pox, so everyone could catch it young and be immune forevermore after. Now every virus is treated like it’s Black Death, the Bubonic Plague or Ebola.

From what true science reveals, the PCR tests are fraudulent anyhow, so all these waves of “new cases” and “breakthrough cases” could just be the vaccines causing the tests to show millions of injected earthlings have the China virus, or any virus the CDC and CCP mutated in their labs, for that matter. Let’s not shut down the whole world over some new head colds going around please. Enough is enough.

Let your fingers do the “walking” and click on Pandemic.news for updates the freaky globalists committing crimes against humanity with those spike-protein-bioweapons disguised as “vaccines.”

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