With nothing more ‘anti-Democratic’ than cheating in elections like the Biden cabal, Democrats will intimidate and silence permanently anyone who doesn’t go along with their steals

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From “citizens.news”

Why do liberty denying Democrats keep on making bizarre claims that there are people who say that elections don’t exist?

(Article by D Parker republished from TheBlueStateConservative.com)

Illegitimate leftists love to lie with words, exploiting the King’s English when certain terms have different meanings. Denier is their new favorite, so we’re taking them at their word and running with it. Everyone should also know that we’re all becoming ‘deniers’ now that the anti-liberty left’s election gaslighting games are becoming obvious. Most voters believe cheating may have influenced this year’s elections, and think voting by mail makes it easier to cheat.

But let’s look at the terms they use and see how ridiculous they truly are when you take them at their word.

If there ever was an event that everyone would notice taking place, it would have to be our now infamous election fiasco season, the butt of jokes around the world. Even if you managed to miss all the news leading up to the primaries, then the primary elections themselves. You should have at least noticed all the news leading up to the election itself, along with being inundated with campaign adverts at every turn. Not to mention all of the campaign signs scattered about.

On top of all that, anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left have managed to stretch a one-day, free, and fair event in which citizens could easily participate (provided you weren’t part of their crucial dead vote) in many cases into a month-long affair where all you needed was someone to harvest your ballot, no effort required. You don’t even need a pulse to participate. So, it’s pretty much assured that 100% of the live voting base would know an election took place (the latter might be difficult to check, we can’t just dig up people for any old reason don’t you know).

So, that makes it even more of a mystery that leftist liberty deniers and the nation’s socialist media (in other words, the same group of scam artists) would think that there would be voters out there that would say that elections don’t exist or that an election didn’t take place.

The first question you would have to ask in all of this is why would anyone bother saying that elections don’t exist? What would be the point?

It’s not like saying that Big foot does or doesn’t exist. Parenthetically speaking, we’ve heard some pretty strange animal vocalizations along with noise signatures of something crashing through the forest that doesn’t match up with anything we’re heard before. Not to mention some strange eyeshine here and there, but such things take place in the woods in the dark of night.

Contrast that with the fact that you can observe elections or the climate in populated places in the light of day. We’ve all seen pictures and even videos of elections and the climate to prove they exist, unlike bigfoot. Most, if not all of us have participated in elections (and if the liberty-denying Democrats have anything to do with it, we’ll be participating long after we’re gone).

Everyone has at least seen, heard of, or perused a news article on elections.

In the same way, everyone has at least seen, heard of, or perused a news article on ‘the climate.’ Who hasn’t at some point in their lives, talked about the weather? While leftist liberty deniers constantly complain about the conflation of weather and climate, one would presume that you are tacitly acknowledging both when you talk about how cold it is or how many feet of snow we’ll get this season.

So why does the fascist far-left keep on insisting on using ridiculous phrases like ‘climate denier’ or ‘election denier’? The Federalist framed it perfectly with the piece: The ‘Election Denier’ Smear Is The Dumbest Rhetorical Device In Modern Politics:

For starters, the logical and grammatical problem with the “denier” formulation is that nobody actually denies the existence of elections or climate. A “climate denier” is often a person who believes in economic tradeoffs and rejects eco-scaremongering. And an “election denier” is typically someone who believes that a political contest has been stolen, or corrupted, or unfairly implemented. This is the position of Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Doug Mastriano and Stacey Abrams, and Dinesh D’Souza and Jonathan Chait. 

The nation’s socialist media always neglects to mention that their side incessantly complained about Russian collusion with the assertion that President Trump is illegitimate.

It goes for Hillary Clinton, who repeatedly declared Trump an “illegitimate president,” and claimed that 2016 was “not on the level” and “stolen,” is by the definition Democrats embrace an “election denier.” As are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, John Kerry, Al Gore, the late John Lewis, the late Harry Reid, Paul Krugman, Jerrold Nadler, virtually the entire Washington Post editorial page, Time magazine, every other major media outlet, the White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, former DNC chairs, and scores of others. 

But now that they are ‘winning’ in the ballot counts long past election day, they have conveniently forgotten these facts. They clearly want to intimidate anyone who will rightfully bring up this issue. Liberty-denying Democrats want to PERMANENTLY silence EVERYONE so they can continue to get away with this.

There is nothing more anti-democratic than cheating on elections.

The people’s control over their own government has become more and more tenuous over the past few years. Electoral cheating by the far left almost destroys that completely. That is why it must end with a return to a pre-2020 election system.

Socialism has always been buying votes with other people’s money, cruelly taken by force. If leftists can play games with ‘accidently’ sending out thousands of ballots or never bothering with voter ID or chain of custody. They have a much cheaper alternative, and all they have to do is lay on their big lie of election denial.

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