Woke Corporate America lining up to force their own employees to get vaccinated, placing them in imminent danger of vaccine injury or death

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ot long ago when patriotism was proudly displayed by a vast majority of citizens and our cultural and societal influencers weren’t Marxist haters, U.S. corporations grew large and wealthy on “Buy American” pledges.

Walmart essentially grew its brand on such a pledge and ran commercials during the 1980s and 1990s touting, “Bring It Home To The USA.”

How times have changed.

Today, U.S. Olympians protest about “injustice” and being oppressed. Professional sports athletes take a knee or turn their back on the flag during the playing of the National Anthem. Hollywood is a cesspool of anti-American hate. Every white conservative who praises our country and loves freedom and liberty is branded by a thoroughly corrupt media as “nationalists” or “supremacists.”

And American corporations are now run by hypocritical Marxist shills who stump for tyranny while simultaneously making bank in a capitalist economy they claim to hate.

After the Biden regime announced in recent days that it would require all federal workers and contractors to get an increasingly ineffective and dangerous COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. corporations anxious to please their Democrat masters in Washington to avoid being regulated into oblivion are rushing to follow suit, requiring their workers to either get a vaccine or be endlessly hassled with weekly COVID tests and other mandates.

The Epoch Times reports:

The Walt Disney Co. and Walmart announced new policies late last week that will require nearly every employee working for the companies in the United States to be vaccinated against the CCP virus.

Disney’s new measure will give both salaried and non-union hourly employees across the nation 60 days to be compliant, the company said in a July 30 statement. Newly hired employees will also be required to be fully vaccinated before beginning employment.

“Employees who aren’t already vaccinated and are working on-site will have 60 days from today to complete their protocols and any employees still working from home will need to provide verification of vaccination prior to their return, with certain limited exceptions,” said a Disney statement, adding that negotiations are already underway with various union leaders that represent employees regarding a vaccine mandate.

“Vaccines are the best tool we all have to help control this global pandemic and protect our employees,” Disney claimed, which, of course, is complete nonsense.

Nevertheless, the livelihood of some 203,000 employees throughout Disney’s theme parks and media companies are going to be affected.

“Disney’s policy was announced as several big-tech companies, including Google and Facebook, said in July that every American employee must get a shot before stepping back into offices,” The Epoch Times added.

“We’re hoping that will influence even more of our frontline associates to become vaccinated,” said Scott Pope, a Walmart spokesman.

CNN reported on the trend as well, noting, “Corporate America is getting serious about vaccines.”

But others are going further, including famous restauranteur Danny Meyer; he will require customers to show proof they’ve been vaccinated or they won’t be allowed inside his New York City and Washington, D.C., establishments.

In addition to these companies, other American corporations that have hopped on the COVID vaccine bandwagon include Netflix, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Washington Post, Lyft, Twitter, Uber and Goldman Sachs.

No doubt more will follow because that’s what tyrannical CEOs do.

“This is an American tragedy. People are dying – and will die – who don’t have to die. If you’re out there unvaccinated, you don’t have to die,” Biden said during remarks at the White House last month. He continued the propaganda push with, “Read the news. You’ll see stories of unvaccinated patients in hospitals, as they’re lying in bed dying from Covid-19, they’re asking, ‘Doc, can I get the vaccine?’ The doctors have to say, ‘Sorry, it’s too late.’”

He added: “You present a problem to yourself, to your family and to those with whom you work.”

Remember when America used to be the “land of the free?” Marxist revolutionaries are using the COVID outbreak to steal our liberties and never give them back.

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