Yuval Noah “scariest man in the world” Harari says humans might need to “relearn how to see and walk” in “virtual reality” future

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The next phase of the “Great Reset” involves forcibly separating people from their humanity, according to globalist Yuval Noah Harari, an adviser to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

While discussing the matter in a recent podcast, Harari posited the notion that once the globalists successfully turn on the “virtual reality” they have planned for the world, those that remain will probably need to “relearn how to see and walk.”

Harari’s plan is to recreate the world in his own image, which means divorcing people from the “physical and biological” world and turning them and their lives into a computer software program. (Related: Harari and his globalist friends foolishly think they are going to escape this hell they are creating on earth via their own private technological “Noah’s Ark”.)

All that “change” talked about during the Obama years was likely in reference to Harari and the WEF’s now-revealed plans for the future, which is rapidly becoming the present. In short, they want to steal your soul and subject you to an eternal hell of their own making.

The many unique things that define the human experience – things like thought, imagination, movement, and love – will need to go in order for the world to be transformed into Harari and the WEF’s image, which is totally and completely godless.

In Harari’s view, whoever remains in the new world the globalists are soon to unveil will need to “let go” of all the things that make them human in order to adapt. This is the only way those left behind will be able to “survive and flourish” in the coming new world.

“Maybe the most important quality to survive and flourish in the 21st century is to have mental flexibility – not just to keep learning and changing again and again – [but] also to keep letting go,” Harari remarked during the episode.

“Part of what makes it difficult to learn new things [is] that we hold on. I’ll give an example of how deep it goes: it’s not just what you learned in college or what you learned in kindergarten; it’s even what you learned as a baby, as a toddler, like learning how to see, or learning how to walk.”

The globalists want you and your brain to be uploaded into their new metaverse virtual reality – and it will cost you your soul

What does Harari mean by all this? He further explained that “as virtual reality improves,” it is likely that many of the things that humans right now are used to doing will no longer be accessible to them.

“And with all the talk of the metaverse and so forth, which we will discuss later on … it’s likely that [there] will be many more activities shifting from the physical biological world that we know into a new reality – a virtual reality – which has different physical and biological laws.”

Technology will be force-imprinted as a replacement for the human soul, Harari essentially revealed, further explaining that the new transhumanist mind being overlayed on people right now will eventually be able to exist outside of the body.

The entire world will become a virtual “cloud,” so to speak, where all existence will occur in the new digital metaverse rather than in real life. This is what the globalists are planning to unleash once the restrainer is removed.

“They view people as expendable and interchangeable like cogs in a machine,” one commenter wrote about Harari and his kind. “The Matrix is becoming a reality.”

Harari is a child of hell who wants the same for you and your family. To learn more, visit Transhumanism.news.

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