65% of San Diego’s police force might quit due to covid vaccine mandate

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When asked by the San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA) how they would respond to a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandate, member officers overwhelmingly indicated that they plan to quit their jobs.

An astounding 65 percent of San Diego police officers say they will up and leave if a Chinese Virus injection mandate is forced on them, while 45 percent, or nearly half, said they would just wait to be fired.

The SDPOA, by the way, has 1,971 members. This means that if these figures are correct, more than 1,200 police officers and administrative staff will soon be off the force, leaving San Diego vulnerable to whatever comes after its law enforcement apparatus has mostly disintegrated.

“If that half of the entire police department were to be fired for non-compliance with the vaccine mandate, the city of San Diego would be in a really sketchy place,” reports The Conservative Treehouse (TCT), citing the San Diego Union-Tribune. “The city has a deadline for compliance on November 2nd.”

When asked how they feel about a vaccine mandate in general for the force, 90 percent of officers in San Diego said they oppose them. This means that even those officers who choose to get jabbed themselves do not support forcing their coworkers to do the same against their will.

“We can imagine this same type of conversation is likely taking place in several cities and counties at the same time,” adds “Sundance” from the TCT.

“The police officers union was not present for the discussions with the Biden White House. The U.S. Postal Workers Union was present, and they were granted an exemption from the forced vaccine requirement.”

Only employed contributors to society are being punished with Biden’s jab mandates

Have you noticed yet that those being targeted most with Fauci Flu shot mandates are those who have gainful employment? This is especially true for those who work on the frontlines to maintain law and order (police), treat illness (health care workers), and keep your house from burning down (firefighters).

Everything that holds society together, in other words, is first on the chopping block for forced injection. Next are all the companies that employ 100 workers or more. Eventually, it will be everyone.

One silver lining is that many are resisting. All across the country, employed Americans including in key sectors are just saying no to both Trump Vaccines and Biden Boosters, even if it costs them their jobs.

This is a time for bravery and faith, it would seem. Making the tough decision to Just Say No to injectable drugs from the government and Big Pharma is certainly not easy, especially when you have a family to feed. If everyone does it together, though, then society can potentially put a stop to this madness.

Already, we are hearing stories of companies reversing their covid vaccine mandates because a bulk of their employees said they would quit or be fired. Recognizing that an exodus like this would kill a business, the executives in charge are backing off.

“In Seattle which lost 200 officers last year, 300 have refused to take the jab or release their private media accounts like email and blogs to the city and face being fired,” wrote a commenter at The Conservative Treehouse. “The number is 20% of the remaining force. Let it burn.”

“Election fraud put Joe Biden in the White House,” wrote another. “Joe Biden is not your medical doctor. The experimental vaccine will kill many.”

The latest news about how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates are unraveling civil society as we know it can be found at Collapse.news.

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