A Glimpse Into The Mindset Of The Police That Love Their Immunity And Power…

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I am guilty of the law enforcement power tripping mindset. When I was in law enforcement I admit there were times I thought I was untouchable. I would bark out commands at people like a Marine drill instructor. I am thankful to God that I took a very hard look at myself in the mirror and asked myself what was I becoming. That made me walk away from law enforcement. Now when I see these law enforcers of today do the things they are doing I can only hope that they stop and look in the mirror.

Here is a video from “LackLuster” breaking down and showing us some bad Connecticut State Police going overboard with their perceived power. There is a first amendment auditor in an airport filming legally, in fact a TSA supervisor even tells him he can film. Then a Connecticut State Police officer comes up and immediately starts the “what’s your name, give me your I.D.”. When the man refuses, the officer puts the cuffs on him.. This shows you the “I have authority over you” mindset of the officer. He can say that it’s for “officer safety”, that’s just an excuse for power tripping. Ultimately, the man is released, with no charge. When he goes to file a complaint a sergeant really shows his lack of respect for his fellow Americans.

Watch the video and see how the officers escalated things.

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