Alt media warned about everything happening today… now we’ve decoded the playbook on what happens next in the EXTERMINATION AGENDA targeting humanity

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From Mike Adams via “”

We in the alt media (the truth media) have accurately predicted and warned about almost everything the world is seeing today: Widespread vaccine injuries and deaths, worsening inflation and currency devaluation, government instigated censorship, mass uprisings, depopulation and worsening infertility, and so much more.

The alt media / independent media is the real media. We are the ones willing to speak truth to power, to ask tough questions and to exercise independent thinking rather than blind obedience to contrived narratives dished out by lying liars.

After calling all this in advance and warning the world about what was coming (and what’s already here now), we are now warning about what comes next.

What we are witnessing and living through is nothing less than the planned fall of human civilization and a planetary-scale ethnic cleansing genocide against humanity.

Only by understanding this critical point can we make sense of the events being unleashed today:

  • Aggressive pushing of vaccine bioweapons that maim or kill
  • Skyrocketing infertility rates among vaccine-compliant countries
  • Accelerating food inflation that will lead to widespread hunger and famine
  • Attempt at total government control over all speech through censorship and de-platforming
  • An engineered collapse of the purchasing power of fiat currencies (heading into a “reset” of money)
  • Geoengineering (weather weaponization) to disrupt food production and create crisis
  • Intentional escalation into World War III by provoking Russia through the proxy nation of Ukraine
  • The deliberate takedown of the food supply chain through mass culling of cattle, chickens and turkeys

Observed through the understanding of the genocide agenda, all the major events taking place today no longer appear as random, spontaneous “bad luck” events but rather as milestones in a much larger, far more nefarious plan.

That plan — which we believe will fail, by the way — is the attempted extermination of billions of human beings. It is an attempt to prepare planet Earth for a “post-human future.”

Globalists believe humans will soon be obsolete

Understand that even without invoking cosmic explanations or demonic forces, globalists already perceive the human masses as obsolete, ready to be replaced by AI computing systems (to replace service jobs such as telemedicine, tech support, customer service, etc.) and eventually AI-embedded bipedal humanoid robots (to replace labor in agriculture, transportation, warehouse jobs and so on).

Globalists see human beings as a “human resource” to be exploited, then discarded. After taxing and enslaving the working masses for centuries, the era of humans as the source of labor, ideas and communications is rapidly coming to an end. AI systems such as ChatGPT can already replace many text or voice-based human interactions, including medical interactions. Pill-pushing doctors are already obsolete, as an AI medical system produces nearly the exact same results. Soon, companies like Google and Amazon will roll out robotic systems that replace a vast percentage of human laborers, and many fast food restaurants are already buying automated systems that replace humans.

In the near future, there will hardly be any humans working at an Amazon warehouse facility. It will be something like 98% robots and 2% humans, just to handle the problems that robots can’t yet figure out.

What will globalists do with all the billions of unemployed, obsolete masses? It’s simple: They exterminate them.

Hence the need for clot shot vaccines, infertility mRNA injections, collapsed food supply infrastructure, an engineered currency collapse, government-run censorship and other similar efforts. These are all vectors to help globalists achieve annihilation of the human race by collapsing the very things that keep civilization functioning (such as food, fertilizer, fossil fuels, a power grid, fair elections and so on).

The breakdowns aren’t accidents

Importantly, many human beings living today are losing their minds trying to understand why everything is breaking. Food is increasingly scarce. Diesel fuel is more expensive. Supply chains are broken. Infrastructure is crumbling. The FAA can’t even keep planes in the air and had a total system failure earlier today, grounding all flights in the USA. But this isn’t happening due to bad luck. It’s happening on purpose. It is being inflicted upon humanity.

The complicit governments of the world — largely run by the WEF and the CCP — have become terrorist organizations pursuing the goal of exterminating their own people. That’s why traitorous Lloyd Austin forced vaccines upon active duty military personnel. It wasn’t to make them healthy but to maim and murder them in preparation for the weakening of America’s defenses and coming world war. Austin is, in my opinion, a war criminal far worse than Benedict Arnold. He mass murdered his own troops in order to weaken America and make sure America’s enemies succeed when World War III get initiated (probably soon).

Learn more in today’s Situation Update podcast, which explains much more:

– NYC grocery stores are locking up food due to rising retail theft
– Food retailers are FLEEING blue cities as crime skyrockets
– Foster Farms sounds alarm over MILLIONS of cattle and chickens about to STARVE due to lack of grain shipments via rail
– US rail system is collapsing, and deliveries of food and fertilizer are deliberately disrupted
– Houston hero who shot violent armed robber subjected to grand jury
– Brought to you by Pfizer
– Predictions and warnings that alt media NAILED
– What’s going to happen next:
– Russia to launch major offensive against Ukraine and NATO
– Controlled demolition of the debt-based fiat currency system
– Accelerated dismantling of the energy infrastructure to impoverish humanity
– Geoengineering (weather weaponization) unleashed to destroy the food supply chain
– Humans to be replaced by AI systems, followed by AI humanoid robots (terminators)
– The big COSMIC picture of humanity being targeted for extermination

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