An Example Of How Law Enforcer’s Think They Rule Society

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If you are not aware of the way that a law enforcer’s mind works, then you are about to see an example. It is so obvious in today’s society that 95 percent of all law enforcer’s believe that they have a higher claim over another person’s life. The majority of them are so pumped up on ego that if a person challenges it, then they practically attack the person. These are the men and women that will ultimately disregard all critical thinking and do the bidding of the evil tyrants that direct them.

The example of their mentality can be seen in the interaction that occurred on December 12, 2022 in Springfield TN. A man, was walking with his wife and young daughter through a neighborhood where a police officer, named William Thoroughgood, of the Nashville Metro lived. The man’s daughter accidently dropped a bag of candy in the officer’s yard as they were walking by. The off duty officer confronted the man and accused them of littering and threatened the man that he would go to jail.

In the video below, the man starts recording when the officer comes at him. You can see the absolute disregard of respect that the officer has for his fellow man. He comes out literally in attack mode, knocks the mans phone out of his hand and takes him to the ground telling him that he is under arrest! Since William Thoroughgood is an officer in Nashville, TN he has no jurisdiction where he lives in Springfield, TN.

The officer does this as the man’s daughter cries for what she is seeing done to her father. The officer realizes that he doesn’t have his cuffs with him and lets the man up. Then the off duty officer calls 911 and tries to make the family stay there, all while making up things to tell dispatch.

When the Springfield, TN police arrive on the scene, they listen to what William has to say, which he claims that he was being nice to them! You can actually hear one of the officers ask William what does he want to do. They automatically side with their “thin blue line gang member”. William starts downplaying it like he just wants to walk away, especially since the incident was recorded. That is the main thing to learn from this. The police hate it when they get recorded! Always have some sort of recoding device on you at all times!

The Springfield PD know that the man that was attacked is a First Amendment auditor and they know that they are between a rock and hard place, They talk with the family and view the recorded attack. Through the bodycam footage of the officers you can hear them talking with their superiors and trying to figure out a way that they do not have to arrest the off duty officer. They keep saying “well he’s got it all on video”, like that’s a bad thing! At least one of the officers say’s “he literally attacked them”. The supervisor then says “well, he didn’t know any better”. Then the officer responds with “yes he does, he’s a cop. He should know not to do that, if he’s being recorded“. She even calls another supervisor and says “”with it being on video, it’s a problem“.

The off duty officer then apologizes to the man and talks as if the man should just “forgive and forget”. You hear him say “let me just swallow my pride and apologize”. He nailed it when said the word PRIDE. He should have added the word EGO!

Ultimately the man was nice enough not to press charges against William, which I believe the female officer would have felt compelled to do. However, the man has filed a formal complaint with the Nashville Police department on William. Internal Affairs states that William has been decommissioned, which means that the officers arrest powers have been temporarily taken away. The District Attorney states that William will appear in front of a grand jury to determine if an indictment will be done. The man is also pursuing civil action.

Watch the video compilation of this incident, done by the LackLuster channel and see the absolute tyrannical behavior of William Thoroughgood.

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