And Such Is War…

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This media hyped distraction of Russia invading Ukraine is, in my opinion, another distraction to take our attention away from what we need to be concentrating on here in America. I was reading an email from “Good Patriot” and I agree with what she says about this “conflict” as well. Below is her synopsis of it.

It’s time to feed the War Machine. 

I really don’t think we can ever know the full truth about these conflicts but here are a few things I (think) I know: 

1. Our government is NOT the “good guys.” We had a treaty that we would not encroach on Russia’s border through Ukraine and we have with the Ukrainian government’s permission. If Russia did the same thing through Mexico we would act out as well to protect ourselves.

2. In 2014, we helped Ukraine with a regime change and replaced politicians with our our “CIA picks.” 

3. War is used to make bad guys rich, seize valuable assets like oil and distract the masses from other issues.

4. Innocent people will die for lies, including our American troops.

5. China and Russia have been itching to stop the US from being the world’s reserve currency for a long time – this war and the weakness of the Biden administration will most likely help them accomplish their goal. 

6. Russia is a huge exporter of grain and fuel – this conflict will deeply worsen the global supply chain crisis, especially in Europe. 

7. Everyone will suffer except the Elites who crated the conflict to begin with. 

Such is war. 

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