Dr. Bryan Ardis: Hospitals project that patients are dying from a virus to create an illusion of the pandemic

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 Brighteon.TV host Dr. Bryan Ardis talked about the illusion of the pandemic when he served as a witness on the third day of the Pandemic Grand Jury, a public trial that exposes everything that’s wrong with the government’s handling the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – from vaccine fraud to misuse of PCR tests and the number of cases.

Ben Armstrong shared a recording of the trial during the February 23 episode of the “Ben Armstrong Show.”

Asked by the member of the Grand Jury, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, to expound on the illusion of the pandemic, Ardis said the corruption cannot be understated regarding that matter. (Related: After a history of medical ethics violation, Pfizer is using the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out yet more crimes against humanity (op-ed).

“The PCR test does not determine if you have SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 or any respiratory virus, for that matter. It’s a faulty test and faulty cycle set up to create exaggerated cases of COVID-19,” Ardis said.

He proceeded to reveal that in March 2020, the CDC allowed all hospitals to mark all flu and pneumonia patients as COVID-positive cases even though they tested negative for COVID-19, especially if the hospital is in a city where the media reported cases of the virus.

By calling the flu or pneumonia COVID, hospitals are given a 20 percent bonus for the diagnoses. In short, beginning March 2020, the CDC started incentivizing hospitals and clinicians to give false COVID-19 diagnoses to patients.

Armstrong also noted that it’s been confirmed that the PCR tests will not actually test for the coronavirus. They are faulty, defective and give false-positive results. “It was a designed pandemic in the aspect that they used PCR tests and geared them up to make you think there were these massive amounts of cases,” he said.


Kidney failure is caused by remdesivir, not a COVID-19 symptom

During the trial, Ardis said kidney failure is caused by remdesivir – not s symptom of COVID-19. He noted that countries with the most COVID-related deaths are those with people who are treated at hospitals for the virus. In the United States, it was because these hospitals were using remdesivir.

Ardis said during the grand jury trial: “It is an illusion orchestrated by our federal health agencies to exaggerate the cases of COVID, to exaggerate the causes of death from COVID. And they’re calling them complications of COVID.”

He added that those who have had loved ones die from COVID to take a look at the death certificates to see if they have “died of complications of COVID-19.” (Related: Dr. Jane Ruby: Fauci knows remdesivir is a failed drug that kills people – Brighteon.TV.)

The people who died from acute kidney failure from complications of secondary COVID-pneumonia, according to Ardis, did not actually die from such complications. “You put an IV bag, flooding water into the veins of someone, and they can’t excrete the water from their kidneys. You’ve shut them down, you flood their abdomen with water, it then floods inside the heart and then it infiltrates the lungs and you drown them. It’s called pulmonary edema,” Ardis explained.

Other channels have echoed Ardis’ claims that COVID-19 deaths are “medically induced.” Others even stated that the deaths caused by remdesivir were being faked to encourage people to take the vaccines.

Ardis also discussed a conspiracy involving National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health authorities who made COVID look more deadly than it was by approving remdesivir so “they could murder people” and convince them that they are dying of COVID-19.

“Yes, there’s an illusion that [patients] are dying from a virus. They’re being poisoned to death with ill-advised protocols. Healthcare workers are also being asked and incentivized to artificially exaggerate positive cases and give a diagnosis for it,” Ardis said.

Watch the full February 23 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” below.

This video is from The New American channel at Brighteon.com.

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