Another Example That The Culling Of Humanity Has Been In The Works For A Long Time

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I find it amazing that so many people do not look at history and learn from it. So many fail to go back and research key factors that will put present day events into a clear perspective. It also demonstrates how important it is to document things truthfully so that future generations can see our triumphs and failures, so that they can learn from them.

What this world has been dealing with for nearly the past three years did not happen by chance. It has been in the works for many years. The elite do not care if they succeed in a mission in their own lifetime, as long as their heirs continue in that mission after they are gone. The younger elites simply continue what their elders were doing and they hope to one day fulfill the legacy. These globalist elites stick to the plan no matter what.

We, as a society, have been indoctrinated not to be good investigators. From mainstream news, movies, tv shows, and the schools, people have been molded to only skim the surface of their daily lives and to go from one distraction to another. They have been conditioned to run away from anything that seems too harsh to fathom. It amazes, no wait, it doesn’t amaze me anymore, it saddens me to see how many people absolutely refuse to look at the true nature of the tyrannical genocides that have been waged on humanity over many generations.

I want to bring attention to something, from 1981, that is clear evidence that the “plandemic” that we have been living through for nearly three years has been in the works for some time. A French man named Jacques Attali, who was a political advisor and civil servant in France, wrote something very disturbing in 1981. It was basically a “game plan” for how to reduce human population. Here is the English translated transcript:

“In the future it will be about finding a way to reduce the population.

We will start with the old man, because once he is over 60-65 years old, man lives longer than he produces and it costs society dearly.

Then the weak, and then the useless who do not contribute anything for society, because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the stupid ones.

Euthanasia directed at these groups; euthanasia must be an essential instrument of our future societies in all cases.

Of course, we will not be able to execute people or organize camps.

We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.

Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something that is too expensive economically.  Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to stop abruptly rather than gradually deteriorate.

We won’t be able to impose intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

We will find something or cause it; a pandemic that targets certain people, an economic crisis real or not, a virus that will affect the old or the elderly; it does not matter; the weak and the fearful will succumb.

The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

The idiots will be self-selected:  they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

Their intentions cannot get any more clearer than what he said. I bring you this type of information in hope that it will spark something in you that will make you want to do a deep dive into researching the past, put it into perspective in the present, and then look at how we can stop the future that they are creating.

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