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Atlanta Officers Terrorize Two For Filming Them

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On May 30, 2020 in Atlanta GA two young people were violently tazed and pulled from their vehicle by these tyrants that had absolutely no reason to do what they did. In this body cam footage, below the article, you will see that the officer wearing this camera started heading towards other officers that were in the process of restraining an individual around the 2:15 mark. When they get there you see the two in the car filming the tyrants. Well that clearly pisses them off and you see one of the officers start to open the drivers door. You hear “do you want to go to jail?” The driver, still trying to film, starts moving his vehicle. You hear the tyrant yelling “where you gonna go”? The driver starts pleading for them to let the person go. The driver pulls away and this officer turns away from them, which clearly tells me that he did not think they were a threat.

This officer is now facing the individual that was being restrained. The driver had pulled away a bit and was still filming them and that pissed them off even more! So, when this officer turns around you see one other officer moving towards the car. You then see that officer open the drivers door. As soon as that happens you see that “blue line” gang mentality kick in and they all start running towards the vehicle like it’s fresh meat! The driver, probably in fear for his life, pulls off. You hear one of them say “you can’t go no where” several times as they follow the car. That statement gives us a very good look into the mindset of these tyrants.

In their mind it’s clear that it’s “game on” and they are going to win no matter what! They see that the car is held up by traffic and they start running towards the car. At this point I have not seen any crime committed by the two in the car. When they catch up with the car the driver has locked the door. You hear the tyrant say “give me a hand, get the window!” He wants to bust the window. What you are seeing is the escalation by the tyrant in order to wage an attack on two individuals. This being done by the very people that we are told “protect” us.

You see one of the tyrants use his asp to try to break the window and has some trouble doing it. The tyrant wearing the camera then yells “stop the car”.! He also now has drawn his gun and is pointing it at them. All of this is being done in order to put on a good show now that the tyrants have fully committed to seeing this through. By pulling his gun and yelling “stop the car” he gets the attention of his “brothers in blue” that are across the street. You can see that they have no problem joining in on the attack without even knowing what happened earlier. This is “mob mentality”.

The passenger opens her window and that was a mistake. One of the tyrants immediately starts tazing her. Another tyrant runs up and takes out a tire to immobilize it. You hear this stupid ass tyrant yelling “hit the unlock” to his mob partner. You then see one walk up and use a glass punch that busts the window. The main tyrant then pulls out his tazer and shoots the driver with all his joy while yelling, with so much dramatic flare, “get you hands out of your pocket”! It appears that the driver was trying to put his phone in his pocket.

You then see them violently yanking the driver out, just like they did with the passenger. That footage can be seen elsewhere on the net. As they are restraining the driver, you see more and more tyrants come up to admire the work. You can hear the driver ask “what is the point of this, what are y’all doing?” They walk him away and you hear another tyrant ask “what happened, what was that from?” The main instigator of this answers something to the effect of “back there we told him to keep moving and he wouldn’t drive on”. He walks away getting a pat from one of his mob members for a job well done. He walks back towards the car that is being searched and asks “did you see a gun? He was pulling a gun. He was pulling a gun out of his pocket.”

What you have just witnessed sounds like something from a movie. But this is reality. You have just seen tyrants traumatize two people. The “it’s us against them” mentality was clearly demonstrated by the actions of these tyrants. These are not the police I grew up with. According to the media the ones involved have been fired and possibly charges pending. If you still think law enforcers are on the citizens side, then you are a sheeple that needs to wake up!

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